It's admirable to see sports stars in long-term relationships. Fans certainly love it when their favorite player has an adorable love life. The NFL star Kirk Cousins definitely belongs to the category whose married life is nothing short of beautiful.

Let's get more details of Cousins' blissful married life, an amazing proposal, Kirk's cute preference of wearing a particular accessory during games, as well as the pair's fondness of dogs. 

Kirk Cousins' Married Life With Julie Hampton

Kirk Cousins is married to the gorgeous Julie Hampton. The couple initially met through a mutual friend several years prior and soon began dating. The lovebirds tied the knot on 28th June 2014 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Kirk Cousins and Julie Hampton during their wedding
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Earlier, the pair got engaged on 22nd November 2013. Kirk has quite a story to tell about that day. His proposal story is nothing short of fascinating. 

Back in 2013, Cousins developed a very good friendship with U.S. Congressman Bill Huizenga. His buddy came in handy when it was time to propose his girlfriend. While he was planning his proposal, the NFL star set his eyes on the Speaker of the House's office.

Talking to The Washington Post, Kirk said:

"I talked to my U.S. congressman from my home area in West Michigan, Bill Huizenga, who I had gotten to know a little bit."

He continued:

"I called him to see if I could propose on the balcony of the Speaker of the House’s office because I had been there before and seen the view and thought it was a great view. He said they could set it up."

Cousins bought the engagement ring earlier in the week and he was pretty nervous while heading to the State building. As they were driving in the car, his then-girlfriend Julie noticed something strange.

They were holding hands like they usually do, except this time Kirk's hands were cold and sweaty which prompted Julie to ask him why it was so. Kirk replied he did not know, but he did know. Cousins admitted the fact that he was super nervous.

The proposal was a success and the couple subsequently got engaged. His fiance turned wife Julie Hampton is Bulldogs fan who grew up in Georgia. She works as an elementary school teacher while being a constant supportive figure to Cousins throughout the season.

The couple welcomed their first child on 29th September 2017 named Cooper Cousins. Julie admitted to the hospital a day prior to giving birth. However, the baby was due much earlier on 18th September, but he struggled with his own version of clock management and waited 11 more days to arrive.

Cousins couldn't hide his delight at becoming a father. He said:

"I'm sure many of you who are dads and moms know that it's a special experience. I texted the coaches afterwards and said, 'That was a top experience of my life so far.' So I guess that says it all."

Meanwhile, Kirk is striving to balance his professional career and his personal life. He wants to be a great father as much as he craves for success on the pitch. His wife definitely appreciates his efforts. Both the duo appear as much in love today as the first day they fell for each other! 

Kirk Cousins Wears His Wedding Ring During Football Games

The quarterback possesses noticeably something different about him when he steps onto the pitch. Fans often spot him wearing his wedding ring during the football games.

Kirk Cousins wears his wedding ring during games
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Talking to the USA Today, he explained his decision to keep it on during matches. Kirk said Andy Dalton was the first guy he saw do something like this, so the quarterback just followed in his footsteps.

Moreover, his wife was thrilled and she loved it. This provided even more incentive to Kirk to keep wearing it just to see how happy it made his wife. Furthermore, Cousins believes it's a good thing to promote marriage.

Meanwhile, the fans need not to worry about the Vikings star hurting his hand during the game. Cousins wears a rubber band which is similar to the well-known rubber athletic bracelets.

The Couple Advocates Animal Adoption

This adorable couple spends time fostering dogs turning them into animal adoption advocates. Julie, in particular, is passionate about fostering dogs.

Kirk Cousins with his lovely wife Julie Hampton
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Since Kirk has a crazy travel schedule, the couple decided it's better to foster a dog than to commit to it full time. At one point, the pair even fostered as many as seven dogs in merely 18 months.


Baby Cousins is coming in September!!!

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Speaking to The Washington Post, Kirk revealed the idea came from Julie. He said:

"That’s all Julie. She just loves dogs. She can’t get enough of it. And so when we got married, it was kind of understood — she had warned me when we were dating, that was kind of an expectation."

The NFL star added, they just take one at a time and after it finds a home, they provide it to that home and take another one from the shelter.

Meanwhile, their idea took a slightly different course when they fell in love with a Goldendoodle who they fostered for three years, after which they adopted him for good. They named the dog Bentley and even used it to announce the news of their child on Instagram.

Kirk Cousins: Quick Facts

Source: Business Insider
  • Born Kirk Daniel Cousins on 19th August 1988 in Barrington, Illinois.
  • His birth sign is Leo.
  • His parents are Don Cousins and Marayan Cousins.
  • He has two siblings.
  • He stands at a height of 6.26 feet (1.91m).
  • He went to Holland Christian High School where he starred in basketball, football, and baseball.
  • In Michigan State University during his last year, he got named to the Second Team All-Big Ten.
  • During the 2012 NFL Draft, he got selected by Redskins in the fourth round
  • In 2015, he helped the Redskins to the NFC East title during his first year.
  • He signed for the Minnesota Vikings on 15th March 2018.
  • His net worth is estimated to $55 million and made $20 million average earnings with the Redskins.
  • He was nominated for FedEx Air Award for Week 12 in November 2018.