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MLB star Ben Zoborist Earning Millions from his Career; What about his Wife Julianna Zobrist Net Worth?

Updated On 22 May, 2019 Published On 21 May, 2019
MLB star Ben Zoborist Earning Millions from his Career; What about his Wife Julianna Zobrist Net Worth?

One of the famous names from the Chicago Bulls baseball team, Ben Zobrist makes quite an impressive net worth from his sporting career while his wife Julianna Zobrist making a decent sum from her career in music.

Millions are just a number for a player of this caliber, Ben Zobrist lives a lavishing lifestyle with his earning over the years. But how good is his wife Julianna Zobrist's net worth? We are here to dig into every detail, let's just dig it then.

Ben Zobrist and His Wife Julianna Zobrist Net Worth And Their Lifestyle. What Does She Make From Divorce?

Pro baseball player Ben Zobrist holds a handsome net worth of around $31 million with his Christian musician wife Julianna Zobrist earns comparatively low and makes under a million dollars. However, having filed a divorce she will earn some fancy money from her rich husband after splitting up.

Chicago Bull Star Baseball Player Ben Zobrist With His Wife Julianna Zobrist.

Star Baseball player Ben Zobrist may not be the legendary player, but he is who makes quite a hefty amount of money from his contract to his club. His payroll during those contract was like $12 million in 2016, increasing to $16 million in 2017, the same in 2018, and $12 million in 2019. He did earn a signing bonus of $500,000 every year.

Ben Zobrist During The Warm Up Before A Match.

What about Julianna's earning? She is just a regular musician giving decent music, a major source of earning being music makes her net worth under a million. 

Zobrist and his family bought a $1.84 million house on February 2016 in Chicago's North Center. Not to mention, it's a good looking 4,800 square foot home with six bedrooms, four and a half baths, and a three garage. Just have a look!!

Ben Zobrist House In Chicago North Center.

With all the money he holds, don't be surprised seeing him in fancy expensive clothes and gadgets. He loves wearing expensive clothes, especially leather, and owns a luxurious car. Being specific, he owns a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS which is a 50th-edition version and its a drop top.

World Series MVP Ben Zobrist Gets A Keys To A New Chevy Camaro SS.

Apart from that the baseball player also gifts some expensive goods and toys to his wife and daughters. As a matter of fact, he gifted a Tesla mini car to his daughter and shared it in his twitter, see it for yourself,

That's a huge gift from a rich dad to his baby girls which costs around $500 in the market which is a huge sum as a gift to children.

Talking about their divorce,  but seems like she is gonna get the lottery after splitting up with Ben. Moreover, sources say that she will earn around $4 million from the divorce plus some part from the house they bought in Chicago North Center. Well, nobody likes to see marriage ending up like this, but we wish to see their life be better ahead with proper care to their children in the future.

Ben Zobrist Personal Life And Relationship With Wife Julianna Zobrist

Chicago Bulls star player, Ben Zobrist is a popular figure in sports but not so popular in relationships as he's going through the phase of divorce with his wife Julianna Zobrist. Although they had a beautiful relationship for so long with three children as a blessing, they are now on the verge of divorce.

Ben Zobrist With His Wife And Children.

The couple started dating after instant messaging in 2001. They maintained a secretive dating life and went on to tie the knot four years after it all started. It is surprising that they're divorcing because they maintained a quality relationship with both giving time to each other no matter their busy professional life.

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After their marriage, in 2009 they were blessed with a son, Zion Benjamin Zobrist, and a daughter Kruse Allegra Zobrist in 2011. Additionally, the couple welcomed their third child Blaise Royal Zobrist just after five days of Zobrist's Royals won the 2015 World Series. He always showed his attachment to his family.

It comes as a shock that his marriage of over a decade is going downwards with a separation talk going on. According to court, Julianna filed it in Cook County while Ben filed it in Williamson, County, Tennessee, which is their summer home. He stated that his wife has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which renders further cohabitation impossible. We just hope this doesn't lead to bad parenting for their children.

Ben Zobrist: Quick Facts

Famous Baseball Player Ben Zobrist.
  • Born on May 26, 1981, in Eureka, Illinois Ben Zobrist is also known as Zorilla is an American baseball player who plays for Chicago Bulls in Major League Baseball(MLB).
  • He made his MLB debut on August 1, 2006, for Tampa Bay Devil Rays.
  • He graduated from Eureka High School in 2001 and nearly attended college but concentrated on baseball after getting the opportunity to play college baseball at Olivet Nazarene University.
  • Married to wife Julianna Zobrist, he lives in Franklin, Tennessee with his wife and three children.
  • He played a cameo role in the 2013 film, Ring The Bell.
  • His net worth is around $31 million.

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