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Meet Molly McGlynn - Actress Plays Maid Rose On Bridgerton

Updated On 12 Jan, 2021 Published On 11 Jan, 2021
Meet Molly McGlynn - Actress Plays Maid Rose On Bridgerton

Actress Molly McGlynn is one of the beloved casts on Bridgerton. And, if you are still yet to watch the Netflix hit show, then do be ready to form desires to live in a castle, fall in love with ball gowns with puffy sleeves, and read gossips. But, this piece is only about McGlynn who deserves our attention, love, and more.

Molly McGlynn Of Bridgerton - Rising British Star

Everything couldn't be more fabulous about Bridgerton. From the set to cinematography to music to, of course, the casts, how perfect was the show? This is definitely the one for those who love fashion, periodical fiction about romance, and drama.

Bridgerton actress Molly McGlynn as maid Rose on set. SOURCE: Netflix

And, English actress, Molly McGlynn was one of the perfect casts on the show. Perhaps, an exquisite choice made by the casting team of Bridgerton. To add more, McGlynn performed the role of the sweet maid Rose.

Even with a supporting role who mostly appeared alongside the Bridgerton family aka Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne Bridgerton and Ruth Gemmell who plays the matriarch of the Bridgerton family.

Before Chris Van Dusen's popular show, McGlynn had already acted on other projects including COBRA, Bad Move, and Zoe among others. Not to mention, McGlynn was also one of the actors on the longest British hit show, Coronation Street as Leah Buckley for a good eleven episodes in 2017.

But, with her role on Bridgerton, McGlynn has gained even more recognition and will foreseeably go more places from here. Thanks to Kelly Valentine Hendry who was one of the main heroes to see Molly's audition and accept her for the role.

McGlynn, however, is not to be confused with fellow Canadian director and writer, Molly Mcglynn who has often been mistaken as the British actress and receives messages from the Bridgerton star's fans.

Is Molly McGlynn Married? More To Affairs & Background

Surprisingly, Molly McGlynn is not only among the celebrities who despises publicizing their personal affairs to the public but doesn't even use social media to showcase her achievements and works. It's true, as of now, fans can't keep updates on McGlynn on social media.

Actress Molly McGlynn lives in Greater London. SOURCE: The Mail

That, however, doesn't mean everything about McGlynn is a mystery. The graceful English actress resides in Greater London and Greater Manchester with her family. And, since it's sort of complicated to track her whereabouts, it's also hard to know whether Molly is married or not.

And, with her blooming acting career, Molly definitely has her attention on things that matter like her profession, to say the least. McGlynn who attended Cartmel Priory School and the Academy of Live & Recorded Arts (ALRA) to get her BA degree credits Hatch Talents for assisting help her achieve her dreams.

Aside from acting, McGlynn also has a passion for singing, dancing, playing the piano, and traveling. McGlynn stands at an ideal height of 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches). Blessed with gorgeous Blue eyes, McGlynn flaunts Dark Brown hair.

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