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Natalie Noel Previously Dated Ex-Boyfriend Shawn Nelson; Is She Still Single?

Published On 16 Jan, 2020
Natalie Noel Previously Dated Ex-Boyfriend Shawn Nelson; Is She Still Single?

People often get mistaken over the ever-gorgeous and hot Natalie Noel as the girlfriend of YouTuber David Dobrik. To their surprise, if anything, the two happen to be only best friends.

The question is, can a boy and a girl ever be just best friends and not catch any feelings like in the films and movies? Well, screw those stereotypes because by looking at the friendship between Natalie and Dobrik, one can certainly tell otherwise.

Natalie Noel & David Dobrik Are Not Dating

When the beautiful Natalie Noel was appointed as the assistant of David Dobrik, two became instantly closer.  And, since then Natalie started working and appearing on several videos for Dobrik.

Natalie Noel and her BFF David Dobrik. SOURCE: Natalie Noel Instagram

By now, you must be pondering over the familiarity of Dobrik's name. Well, remember when a guy married his friends' (Jason) much senior and elder mother? Yup, that was none other than the man David Dobrik himself. Fast forward today, David and the mother of his friend, are, however, divorced.

Anyway, moving the attention towards Natalie and David, it was later revealed that David once, even, developed a crush over Natalie. David never confessed his feelings though. Oh, the friend zone must have been so deep.

After all, why wouldn't he, right? The point is any guy would fall over the charming smile and the personality of Noel who once made David attend his first high school dance. On his Instagram, David funnily shares how Noel actually isolated him to share a dance with the boys on the football team. That still didn't make him fall for Natalie any less.

Did Natalie Ever Know About David's Feelings For Her?

Of course, she knows by now, in consideration that it has been a lot of time. David, on the other side, admitted in an interview about his feelings for Natalie and how he wanted to tell him how Natalie looked beautiful on that dress she wore to the dance.

YouTuber David Dobrik pictured with ex-girlfriend, Liza Koshy. SOURCE: David Dobrik Instagram

As a matter of fact, David who previously dated Liza Koshy is actually glad that he never told Natalie. Can you imagine, though, if things went south and ruined their friendship? But, today, things are absolutely great between the two.

But, one can't still deny the fact that Natalie and David wouldn't make a cute couple. Not to mention, David even once gifted Natalie a Ford for her birthday. In the meantime, Natalie might be single, the stunner once shared chemistry with her ex-boyfriend, Shawn Nelson.

Natalie Noel's Ex-Boyfriend Shawn Nelson

It's true that the beautiful Natalie Noel was previously in a relationship with a mysterious man named Shawn Nelson. Unfortunately, that ship has sunken a lot of time ago. But, as fun, as it was whilst it lasted, Nelson would often make guest appearances over Noel's Instagram, and vice versa.

Natalie Noel and ex-boyfriend, Shawn Nelson. SOURCE: Natalie Noel Instagram

The two would even receive cute moments from Natalie's fans in the comment section. But, as secretive as the relationship was, Natalie, never made any comments behind their breakup.

Noel, of course, moved on from the heartbreak and relishes a care-free single life. And, even if she does find her Mr. Right in her near future, we will let you guys know on the good news.

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