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Amazing Facts of Nikki Roumel from Ginny and Georgia

Updated On 22 Mar, 2021 Published On 22 Mar, 2021
Amazing Facts of Nikki Roumel from Ginny and Georgia

Ginny & Georgia was an amazing show delivered by Netflix and Nikki Roumel is among the talented artist we watched on the comedy-drama series. But, what do the fans know about Roumel?

Nikki Roumel Also Writes Poetry

Actress Nikki Roumel is one true artist. Roumel can act and is working hard enough to establish herself as one of the biggest artists in Hollywood. And, with continuous determination and hard work, Roumel will definitely achieve her dream.

Ginny & Georgia actress Nikki Roumel also writes poetry. SOURCE: Nikki Roumel Instagram

But, acting is not the only talent of Nikki Roumel who is a poet too. Nikki is strongly passionate about poetry and often writes them whenever she can when she is not working and filming.

Not to mention, fans can follow Roumel's separate Instagram page which is dedicated to sharing her poetry. Aside from acting and poetry, Roumel whose full name is Nikki Roumeliotis also has a thing for filmmaking and wants to become a director in her foreseeable future.

Nikki Roumel Attended John F. Ross School

While pursuing her acting dream, Canadian actress Nikki Roumel is also studying at the Wilfrid Laurier University where she will graduate with a degree in performing and film-making.

Nikki Roumel pictured with her sister, Talia Roumeliotis. SOURCE: Nikki Roumel Instagram

Before Wilfrid, Nikki studied at John F. Ross School where she finished high school. And, since her early days, Roumel has also been passionate about kickboxing, traveling, hand gliding, high diving, and parasailing.

Not to mention, Roumel has already traveled across the globe including places like Peru, Italy, Greece, and Morocco. Roumel also has two furbabies and a cat.

In addition, Roumel was brought up in Guelph alongside her elder sister named Talia Roumeliotis who is a future nurse. The actress who turns 21 in 2021, was born in May 2008. Nikki who celebrates her birthday on 8th May is a Taurus by zodiac sign.

Does Nikki Roumel Have A Boyfriend?

Since her rise to fame, Nikki Roumel has updated her privacy skills and remains skeptical to share anything on social media. Not to mention, Roumel is strict about talking about her love life in public too.

Actress Nikki Roumel lives an adventurous life. SOURCE: Nikki Roumel Instagram

Roumel might have dated in the past, but in the meantime, she is most likely to be single. But, whoever is the lucky guy that will bag Nikki, he wins at life. But, in the meantime, it seems like Roumel has no intention to get into a relationship in her nearest future.

Nikki has her priority sorted out and it's her Hollywood dreams. The actress has already worked on popular shows and films like Popternative, Anaphylaction, Paranormal Witness, Designated Survivor, Holly Hobbie, and Ginny & Georgia co-starring Raymond Ablack & Rebecca Ablack and will certainly appear on more projects.

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