Home Article OANN Reporter Patrick Hussion Married Twice; Follow Wife & Divorce Details Here

OANN Reporter Patrick Hussion Married Twice; Follow Wife & Divorce Details Here

Updated On 01 Aug, 2020 Published On 31 Jul, 2020
OANN Reporter Patrick Hussion Married Twice; Follow Wife & Divorce Details Here

Patrick Hussion thought he found love with his first wife, but he was wrong. Doesn't the universe play in a mysterious way? Then he found everything he was looking for in his second wife.

Patrick Hussion Married Twice During COVID-19 Pandemic

Yes, Patrick Hussion who is better known as one of the news anchors for One America News Network (OANN) got married during the 2020 pandemic at a time when the world witnessed the first major outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan China.

Patrick Hussion and his second wife, Dr. Nevin Ramona. SOURCE: Patrick Hussion Instagram

But, as they say, when there is a will, there is a way. Nothing could stop Patrick Hussion from marrying his girlfriend turned fiance, Dr. Nevin Ramona. Well, Patrick and Nevin have been briefly together for years and they were supposed to get married in March 2020.

Matter of fact, Hussion, and his partner made every preparation to celebrate their union as a husband and wife. From renting venues to getting the perfect wedding attires to sending out invitations to their guests, everything was planned.

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But, then Covid-19 happened and their plan to walk down the aisle didn't happen. However, the soon to be husband and wife, got the idea to still get married and applied to get a legal marriage certification and license.

Hussion and his wife, however, still haven't canceled out their dream exchange their marital vows in the presence of their friends and family with a beach theme wedding. The couple is positive to carry out their wedding once the pandemic concludes.

First Marriage Of Patrick Hussion; Who Did She Divorce?

Marraige to Dr. Nevin Ramona counts as the second one to the OANN news anchor who was previously married to another woman. Patrick Hussion got married for the first time with his first wife, Anna.

Patrick Hussion and first wife, Anna. SOURCE: WYFF News 4

But, Patrick and Anna failed to keep their wedding vows and realized they weren't the soulmate they thought they were once. The duo then filed for divorce. One of the last times, Patrick and Anna were pictured together was in 2015.

Not to mention, Hussion was still married to Anna when he was working for WYFF News 4 and his former wife would often pay him visits at his workplace. But, that is a sunken ship today. Patrick and Anna still remain great friends though.

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