Home Article It's Over!!! Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan's husband Clay Pell filed for a divorce. What happened to the once happy couple?

It's Over!!! Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan's husband Clay Pell filed for a divorce. What happened to the once happy couple?

Updated On 23 May, 2023 Published On 30 Mar, 2017
It's Over!!! Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan's husband Clay Pell filed for a divorce. What happened to the once happy couple?

Olympic Figure Skater Michelle Kwan's Husband Clay Pell filed for Divorce. The couple married back in 2013 and have no children together.

One of the most renowned icons in figure skating, Michelle Kwan is America's famous retired figure skater who has blown the minds of everyone with her exceptional skating skills.

This 2X Olympic medalist and 5X World Champion is truly an artist in terms of her performance and is hence considered one of the greatest figure skaters of history.   

Although her professional career has reached success sky high, her personal life has hit rock bottom!

Once happily married to Governor of Rhode Island Clay Pell, Michelle is no longer his spouse as Clay has recently filed for divorce from the 36-year-old talented beauty.

It's over! Clay and Michelle getting divorced        

After spending four years of happy conjugal life together, the couple has sadly, decided to put a full stop to it.

Clay Pell to divorce his wife, Olympic gold medalist, Michelle Kwang, Source: US Magazine

Just yesterday, March 29, 2017, Pell released a statement saying that it's with "deep regret" that the couple's four-year marriage is coming to an end.

He further quoted,

"It's a sad and difficult turn of events. I love Kwan and wish her the best as her life takes her in a new direction. We request all of you to respect our privacy during such painful time."

Inside sources revealed that the major reason behind their divorce was "irreconcilable differences" and all the documents have been presented to the court.

Michelle with former husband Clay Pell, Source: Perez Hilton

Kwan on the other, hand hasn't released any statements about the divorce. She, has, however, shared a photo on her Instagram during a speaking engagement for Women's History Month.


Nice to talk about sports, empowering women and the @womenssportsfoundation w/ @morgan.stanley during #womenhistorymonth

A post shared by Michelle Kwan (@michellewkwan) on

The divorce is yet to get finalized and only time will tell the fate of this so-called perfect couple.

Clay Pell and Michelle Kwan tied knots back in 2013

After winning nine U.S. national figure skating championships, Michelle Kwan had finally won the love of her life, Clay Pell.

Clay Pell, grandson of the late Sen. Claiborne Pell, D-RI, and his wife, two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Michelle Kwan, enter the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, R.I., Tuesday, January 2017, Source: WPRI

The 30-year-old Pell, who is a director for strategic planning on the National Security staff at the White House, proposed this gorgeous 32-year-old back in September 2011.

After two years, the couple married in January 2013 at the First Unitarian Church on the East Side of Providence. 

American figure skater and U.S. State Dept. staffer Michelle Kwan, married Clay Pell on January 19, 2013, Source: P Interest

The ceremony that was attended by fellow Olympians including, Brian Boitano, Dick Button, and Dorothy Hamill.

Michelle Wang with husband Clay Pell on their wedding day, Source: Taiwan News

The pair has been married for four years and do not have any children together.

Here's a video of Figure Skater and State Department Advisor Michelle Kwan's interview with Nicholas Kralev talking about her career and personal life.

Michelle dated famous businessman Christian Anschutz

Prior to her relationship with husband Clay, Michelle dated the successful American Business Professional, Christian Anschutz.

The pair started dating since 2006 and after one year of a relationship, they called it quits.

Michelle's former beau Christian P. Anschutz, Source: Flickr

Christian Anschutz works as the managing director of Managing Director Western Development Group.

Well, as for now, Michelle has remained tight-lipped about the divorce. For updates, keep following our page.

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