Moving on from your break up can prove to be a difficult task but not for Gay DJ, Scott Mills as he started dating another person as soon as he broke up with his ex- boyfriend. Way to go Scott!

As he is infamous for his nature of changing boyfriends at a rapid rate, what are the odds that he is dating the same man right now? Very less. He's probably dating someone new but let's be sure about it. Keep reading to find out.

Scott Mills-Current Relationship Status

Scott Mills is a famous BBC Radio 1 broadcaster and an exceptional Dj as well. He rose to fame after presenting his own show in the BBC radio network.

Scott is dating another reporter Sam Vaughan, Source: Mirror

It looks like he is in love with someone from his own respective field. Soon after his three years long relationship with Brad Harris ended, he started dating fellow radio show presenter Sam Vaughan.

The VJ has always been very open about his personal life. He generally doesn't pay any attention when many people call him out an outlaw due to the fact that he is openly gay.


Sunday YAS

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He is one of those rare people who came out as gay early on, and he feels that everyone should feel good with their body. He always felt different about himself during his early high school days and he never dated any female.

Though, he himself admits he was not very good with the ladies during his early college days. He came out as gay in 2001 during a press conference event.

He is the first openly gay reporter, Source: The Sun

Since coming out as gay his career has taken a huge leap and as of now, he is the most influential gay radio show presenter in the United Kingdom.


Drinks with unlucky Gary last night

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As for his current relationship status, he is enjoying his personal life with partner, Sam. Although at first he and his ex-boyfriend Brad had decided to tie the knot, due to unforeseeable circumstances they called it quits.

But it looks like he will surely exchange vows with Sam as they are totally head over hills for each other. They first met each other through a mutual friend.

Though they are far apart from each other as Sam lives in Cardiff because of his work.

Despite the distance, they are enjoying their time together and we wish they stay like this for many years to come. 

Quick facts about Scott Mills

  • Born on 28 March 1974 (age 43), in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England.
  • He attended Shakespeare Infant School.
  • His parents got separated from each other during his childhood.
  • He joined the BBC network in 1998.
  • Southampton Solent University awarded him with honorary Doctorate of Arts.
  • He hosts The Scott Mills Show.
  • He has won Stonewall Awards & Loaded Laftas.

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