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Pete Hegseth Is Living Happily With Girlfriend Jennifer Rauchet; Previously Married To Samantha Hegseth Meredith Schwarz

Updated On 10 Mar, 2020 Published On 26 Nov, 2018
Pete Hegseth Is Living Happily With Girlfriend Jennifer Rauchet; Previously Married To Samantha Hegseth Meredith Schwarz

Nobody likes war but everyone likes warriors when they fight for the sake of their nation.

Former American five-star general and Field Marshal of the Philippine Army, Douglas MacArthur once said,

"The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."

Pete Hegseth is a U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and Cuba during his tenure. He earned a big name for himself as he is also a Fox News contributor. An army lives a life of uncertainty. You might want to know about the war hero Hegseth's private life. 

Read everything in detail about Hegseth's current affair and his former relationships. 


What Is Pete Hegseth Up To Now?

Pete Hegseth, an American Fox News Channel Contributor is blissfully married to the love of his life for eight months now. Back on 14 February 2020, the Forest Lake born news anchor celebrated 2020 Valentines on the set of Fox News with wife, Jennifer Rauchet, their son and his colleague Ed Henry at New York.

Pete Hegseth Opens Up Post Traumatic Stress

Hegseth, Fox News Contributor discussed post-traumatic stress after Iraq deployment in a new episode of Fox Nations "Nuff Said With Tyrus" veteran on February 13, 2020.

They opened up regarding challenges facing America's veterans and his own experience changing from military to civilian life. Hegseth achieved his Army commission at Princeton University's Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

Right after graduation, a short career as an investment banker and a deployment to Guantanamo Bay, the Minnesota native volunteered to go to Iraq following the September 11 attacks. Pete described that time as one of the most significant in his life for it's "depth of purpose", "commitment" and "simplicity".

After Iraq, Hegseth began a job with a conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute. Later then, his life changed again, Pete's joined a group called Vets for Freedom, an Iraq War vet group. They were fighting to basically win the battle and have the support of the guys still pulling triggers.

Pete Hegseth Current Relationship Status

The Fox News Contributor and his fiancee,  Jennifer Rauchet married on 23 August 2019 at Trump's New Jersey Club. On 14 August post of Hegseth's Instagram, the pair posed for pictures during the wedding rehearsal at the Trump-owned golf course. 

Prior to turning the relationship to the next level, Hegseth proposed Raucher on June 15, 2019. The reception and wedding ceremony took place at a property owned by President Donald Trump and his family members. 

This is Hegseth's third marriage and Rauchet's second. The couple worked together at Fox & Friends, nevertheless, their extramarital affair led Rauchet to join Trump-friendly show Watter's World.

Pete Hegseth Living Happily With Jennifer Rauchet, Are They Married? 

The U.S. Army veteran, Pete Hegseth underwent highs and lows several times in his personal life. His duty demands him to move to places where he cannot meet his family for months, sometimes even for years. However, now, he is a professional journalist at Fox News.

Pete Hegseth in a war-zone.

Pete Hegseth is living a happy life with his girlfriend Jennifer Rauchet. They are not officially husband and wife yet, however, they share a kid, Gweny Hegseth who was born 17 August 2017.

Pete is head over heels in love with both Jennifer and Gwayne. He is open about his affair with Jennifer but Jennifer is quite secretive as she is not much active on social media. 

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Our Gweny is 1 today... #blessing

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They visit different places with their son and enjoy the holidays together. 

Pete Hegseth met Jenniferthe executive producer of Fox while working on the same channel. When he was in 7 years long conjugal relationship with his former wife, Samantha Hegseth, Pete had an extramarital relationship with Rauchet which led to the birth of Gwayne. 

Pete Hegseth's Past Affairs

Talking about Samantha Hegseth, Pete Hegseth once said that he had found the ultimate wife. 

Unfortunately, amid the uncertainty of his military life, Pete had literally cheated on his wife and she filed for a divorce in 2017. He not only had a physical relationship with Jennifer but they also share a daughter. 

This duo tied the knot back in 2010 and they share three children namely Gunner Hegseth, Bonne Hegseth, and Rex Hegseth. 

Pete Hegseth and his second wife, Samantha Hegseth.

Even while staying in a relationship with his current girlfriend, Jennifer. Pete loves all of his children equally and he is often seen in the public with all four of his kids and he proudly posts their photos as well.

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Back to work, but still in a camping state of mind... #latergram

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Despite the legal challenges he is bound to face, Pete seems happy to have blessed with many kids.

Pete Hegseth's problem is that his relationship does not seem to last for life. 

Pete's first known wife is Meredith SchwarzThey walked down the aisle in 2004 but after five years of their marriage, this duo broke up in 2009. In spite of half a decade of living together, they do not share any kid. 

Pete Hegseth and his first wife, Meredith Schwarz in their wedding.

After getting a BA from Princeton University, Pete came across Meredith. Before meeting Pete, Meredith was just a normal girl but she became famous after being associated with her now ex-husband, Pete.

Pete Hegseth: Wiki

Source: Heavy

  • He was born on June 6, 1980, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. 
  • He was born Peter Brian Hegseth. 
  • His parents are Brian Hegseth and Penelope Hegseth. 
  • He is 1.83 meters tall. 
  • His age is 39 as of 2019.
  • His three books include: In the Arena, The Great Republic, and How One Speech Can Reinvigorate America. 
  • He is a native American. 
  • His net worth is estimated to be $3 million
  • He has an MPP from Harvard University. 
  • He was a major in the U.S. Army. 
  • His eye color is hazel blue. 

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