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Rachel Bush Married To Jordan Poyer And Living Happily Together With Their Children

Published On 12 Dec, 2018
Rachel Bush Married To Jordan Poyer And Living Happily Together With Their Children

Know about the young and upcoming Instagram model Rachel Bush's relationship with her husband Jordan Poyer(an NFL icon) and their ongoing bittersweet love drama. Also, know about Bush alleged hook up with NBA king, Lebron James.

Being as young as she is, Florida-based Instagram model Rachel Bush with more than 700,000 followers on the social media has recently been much talked about among young hubs. But the emerging femme fatale has already broken thousands of hearts by choosing her man at the very young age of 19 when she was engaged back in 2016.

So, who is the lucky man who won her heart when she was still on her teens and how has been the journey of  Rachel Bush in choosing her ideal man been; has she had any affairs before she finally decided to settle down, let’s dig out!

Rachel Bush engaged; Has She Secretly Tied The Knot And Have Children?

Having a beautiful hazel flow hair, dark eyes and that evenly tanned body giving the aura like a latin angel, Bush definitely is every guy's fantasy. But, given her young vibe, she didn’t seem to be fooling in and out of dating and break up games or so as it looked like when she said yes to NFL star Jordan Poyer who is a sensation for playing in a free safety position for the club, The Buffalo Bill.

Rachel Bush
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Bush started dating Poyer in April 2016 and the couple became engaged in December of the following year. However, Bush didn't, give media much about her wedding date as it was only after their big day the public came to know about their marriage. The athlete-model duo was reported to have been married in February of 2018.

Jordan Poyer(left) with Rachel Bush(right)
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Furthermore, Bush proved herself as a committed woman and a matriarch when she gave birth to her daughter, Aliah Anne Poyer with Jordan Poyer on December 2016 within a year of her relationship with the football player.

Bush with daughter Aliah

Sadly, things don’t seem to be going well for the young mother on her personal life as it was reported that Jordan Poyer cheated on Bush while he was at training camp in Buffalo with another Instagram model Summer Rae. Having blown up a beautiful start of their journey, Poyer even took it to Twitter on July 26th to apologize to Rachel publically.

However, Bush doesn’t seem to condone her husband on this so soon as they are already separated and the feud is still going on. So far as their rooters we can only hope that Poyer realizes how big he has wrecked and as for Bush; she might alas give her husband another chance to actually make things work for good.

Coming aside from bittersweet love drama of Bush with her husband, it is quite hard to believe that a woman as beautiful as Bush hasn't made many names by being in the curse of celebs' promiscuous love affairs. But was Poyer the first ever man to knock romance in Bush love diary? Has there been any other guy besides the footballer?

Rachel Bush Past Affairs

Before she finally wore someone’s ring, she was also linked with another American sports icon, Lebron James. The drama between Rachel and King James sparked when the Instagram model aired a photo on Twitter which she captioned, ‘Haha Wut’. The picture was apparently the  screenshot of a direct Instagram message which Bush received from Lebron which read ‘Hey what’s up!’

Source: Bush's Twitter

Bush was quick enough to make Lebron’s wave her new tweet update but the ever rumor-hungry tabloids were already giving it the title of a hot fling between the now Lakers' superstar and Bush.

Source: Bush's Twitter

When Bush decided to delete the tweet, it was already too late as the exchange of tweet between Lebron and Bush was already a hot topic among the media and given the iconic stature of Lebron, the public was nowhere near to let go of this; what then seems to be the upcoming hottest relationship.

Shattering the gossip community, Bush later reapproached that the tweet wasn’t sent to her by the Lebron himself but, someone with his name on the Twiter and gave quite a conciliatory outlook on the topic. Bush pointed out that Lebron is happily married with kids adding,

“Superstars like him often have other people managing their social media”

Well, whatever the real stories lie beyond, we never know, but when you’re in celeb game even a single alphabet on your profile have thousands of guesses and meanings.

So whatever, Bush had in mind when she retweeted Lebron’s ‘hi’ it sure was enough for anyone to add the basketball king in Bush’s relationship diary.

Quick Facts: Rachel Bush

Source: Famous Birthdays
  • Bush was born on November 1, 1997.
  • Her height is 5 ft 6 inches.
  • Bush was one of the finalists in the Miss Teen New York pageant in 2014.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

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