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Is Ray Panthaki Married? Actor's Girlfriend, Wife & Affair History

Updated On 12 Oct, 2020 Published On 12 Oct, 2020
Is Ray Panthaki Married? Actor's Girlfriend, Wife & Affair History

God took his time when he created Ray Panthaki, the handsome British actor who is notably known for his roles in movies that include One Crazy Thing and Marcella. But, is this charming man dating anyone? Perhaps, married to any lucky woman?

Ray Panthaki Dated Brooke Kinsella

The dark-haired beautiful actor Ray Panthaki romanced and worked with many women onscreen. And, one lady Panthaki worked with was none other than his co-star Brooks Kinsella, whom he worked with on the longest-running British soap opera, East Enders.

Ray Panthaki and his former girlfriend Brooks Kinsella. SOURCE: Jungle Key

In fact, Ray and Brooks fell in love on the set and turned their on-screen relation to something more. Kinsella was already a cast on East Enders where she played the role of Kelly Taylor since 2001. Ray only joined the show in 2003 to play the character of Ronny Ferreira.

Additionally, the duo also worked together on The Feral Generation (2007) by Andrew Jones where they portrayed a drug-addicted couple. Although Panthaki and Kinsella, are no longer together anymore, what they had and shared was undeniably true and something special.

Panthaki was there to support when Kinsella mourned the death of his then sixteen years old younger brother, Ben Kinsella, who tragically died in a knife attack. Kinsella was only 24 when her brother was stabbed and confessed feeling guilty about not being able to protect him as his elder sister.

Thanks to Panthaki who was a big help for Brooke to give the emotional console she needed. Matter of fact, Panthaki also later worked on Life Sentence, a short film about knife-related crime in the UK. The movie directed by Kinsella was released in 2013.

Who Is Ray Panthaki Dating Today?

It has been many years since the Ali G Indahouse actor and his former girlfriend Brooks Kinsella broke up. But, the former couple has moved on with their lives and still remains great friendship. Kinsella then dated her boyfriend turned husband, Simon Boardley. Kinsella and Boardley married in 2017 and have been together ever since.

Ray Panthaki at an event. SOURCE: Instagram

On the other side of the story, there is Panthaki who is most likely yet to be married. But, is he dating anyone new after Brooks? Well, since his last publicly known relationship with Kinsella, Panthaki prefers to keep his private affair as secretive as possible. So far, no dating and wedding rumours or news of Panthaki has been known to the public yet.

It's safe to say, Panthaki is most possibly single in September 2020. And, even if the 28 Days Later actor happens to be in a relationship, he will hopefully share the exciting news of his girlfriend or a wife to his fans soon.

Ray Panthaki Has Indian Origin

By the looks of Ray Panthaki, anyone can guess the POC actor has an ethnic background. Speaking of which, Panthaki has the origin of Indian background. To elaborate more, Panthaki's grandparents were originally from India.

Surely, his ancestors were immigrants from Indian to the UK, but Panthaki was born and raised in London. And, many might assume Panthaki to be a Hindu religion, the major religion in India.

But, that's not the case, Panthaki is a Christian by faith. In addition, Panthaki is also a close friend with the fellow British actor of Indian origin, Rahul Kohli.

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