Home Article Ree Drummond's son Bryce Drummond dating; Who is the lucky girl?

Ree Drummond's son Bryce Drummond dating; Who is the lucky girl?

Published On 08 Jan, 2020
Ree Drummond's son Bryce Drummond dating; Who is the lucky girl?

Does the name Bryce Drummond sound familiar? The name is often, indeed, linked with your favorite tv chef, Ree Drummond. Yes, but, the son of the tv chef is all grown up now as he has reached his adolescence now. Not to mention, Bryce has even snagged himself a stunning girl.

Only at seventeen, Bryce Drummond is not just a popular kid at his school for being related to the famous tv chef, Ree Drummond, but for his skills at football too. And, that explains how Bryce bagged himself loads of fans across the country. Not to mention his Instagram followers count to more than 14k+ followers.

Unfortunately for the fans, the footballer is already lucky in love with his high school sweetheart. Bryce, however, appears to be super private about speaking of his relationship with the public. But, here's what we know about Bryce & his girlfriend, so far? 

Bryce Drummond Dating High School Sweetheart

The young handsome lad who attends the Pawhuska High School is happily taken by his girlfriend who takes his breath away at any moment none other than Bobbi Walker who also happens to be equally energetic in the field. Well, the future potent wife of Drummond is proudly involved in the cheerleading activities of the Pawhuska.

Bryce Drummond pictured with his girlfriend Bobbi Walker. SOURCE: Bobbi Walker Instagram

And, whilst much to what it was like for the young love birds relationship, in the beginning, is kept under wrap, one can only imagine if Bryce's love story can be compared with his parents. In case you didn't know, Bryce's mother fell in love with his father, Ladd Drummond instantly at first sight. According to Ree, it was Ladd's mesmerizing Blue eyes and his quality of being mysterious, strong, and tall that attracted her.

More than two decades later with Ree still being a dutiful wife to Ladd, Bryce's parents are still together and ever so in love. Needless to say, the love of his parents must have inspired Bryce to experience the same love in his life. Luckily, Bryce has found the one.

Bryce Proudly Showed Off His Girlfriend At School Homecoming

At the 2019 Homecoming ceremony of the PHS, the whole school witnessed a magical moment when the young Huskies proudly walked hand in hand with his date in the field with his date who couldn't look more or less of a princess.

Bryce Drummond and his girlfriend at the PHS Homecoming 2019. SOURCE: Bobbi Walker Instagram

Pictures shared by Bobbi on her Instagram showcased the blonde handsome in his football uniform accompanied by his partner who looked thrilling in a long shimmering blue dress she was able to purchase from Glamour Gowns. 

Bryce Drummond and his girlfriend at the PHS prom 2019. SOURCE: Instagram (pcbilyk)

Drummond and Bobbi also slayed at the prom 2019 where the celebrity child looked dapper in a black suit and pant whilst his gorgeous girlfriend donned a bright blue two-piece dress as evident in the picture above. Needless to say, the two make a great pair.

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