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Romanian model Alice Peneaca once married to Bobby Paunescu

Updated On 28 Jun, 2023 Published On 27 Dec, 2019
Romanian model Alice Peneaca once married to Bobby Paunescu

The stunner Alice Peneaca thought her former husband, Bobby Paunescu, was the man of her dream and someone she was going to spend the rest of her life with a happily ever after fairytale. But, those dreams crashed down in 2017 only seldom five years of togetherness.

Although the Romanian beauty, none other than Alice Peneaca, and her former husband; Bobby Paunescu are not together, their relationship and marriage used to be the topics of headlines that sold stories over the tabloids. Here's what you need to know about Alice and her history with Bobby.

Alice Peneaca First Met Bobby Paunescu In 2014

Back in April 2014, the model meets her then-soon-to-be husband, for the first time. Surprisingly, Bobby can impress the Milan and New York-based model. And also, despite their huge age difference of seventeen years, Alice and Bobby are attracted to each other with a strong magnetic force.

Alice Peneaca pictured with her former husband, Bobby Paunescu. SOURCE: Pinterest

Paneaca was only 24 at the time whilst Mr. Paunescu was 40 who previously and famously dated his long-term girlfriend of eight years, Monica Barladeanu, a fellow Romanian actress. It's crystal clear, Mr. Paunescu is only interested in dating women of the same ethnicity as his.

Alice, belonging to the Romanian ethnicity was born and raised in the city of fashion and arts, Milan in Italy. Distracting attention towards the ex-lover's story, Alice and Bobby's relationship was already publicized everywhere before they could even admit feelings.

An Extravagant Wedding Of Over 300 Guests

And, in less than a year, Mr. Paunescu had visions of his future with Alice in it. And, as they were already committed to each other, the businessman didn't see any harm in rushing their relationship and finally asked the model to marry him.

Of course, Miss Peneaca said yes. Not only Bobby with a net worth of more than $300 million was financially able to take care of her but emotionally supportive of her too. But, it wasn't the money that attracted Alice to Mr. Paunescu. After all, she was already one of the world's most popular models and an independent woman.

Alice Peneaca and her husband at their wedding. SOURCE: Adevarul

Taking their relationship to the next level, Peneaca and Paunescu exchanged their marital vows on 18th July 2015. Although their big day was celebrated privately yet extravagantly, it was later revealed that the couple had over 300 guests invited to their wedding.

And, for their special day, Alice donned an off-shoulder white bridal gown whilst she put her beautiful black locks in a bun. As for the producer of Closer to the Moon, he rocked a black and white tuxedo to match his bride.

Oh, No! A Divorce

Marriage for Alice with Bobby went greatly until two years later in June 2017 when their relationship started facing real challenges and the couple decided it was best, they part ways. Their divorce, however, wasn't finalized until 10th December 2018.

In an interview, Alice cited the realization of self-love and mismatch being the main reasons for their sad separation. Since then, the model's former husband has been linked to other much younger models including Alyssa Arce.

As for Alice, the model kept much of her dating life to her vest. Although Peneaca is estimated to be single in the meantime, the Milanese model is enjoying taking care of her two pets, a dog and a cat.

After the divorce from Alice, the Romanian filmmaker seemed to be mostly single but recently in February 2023, he was seen together with Romanian actress Alexandra Dinu leaving a restaurant in Bucharest. However, it is not sure whether the two are actually dating.  

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