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Ryder Hogan - The Lucky Child Of Inga Cadranel & Gabriel Hogan

Updated On 09 Jan, 2023 Published On 05 Nov, 2020
Ryder Hogan - The Lucky Child Of Inga Cadranel & Gabriel Hogan

Hogan is a big household name in Hollywood. But not every Hogan is related to actor Hulk Hogan. And, when you hear the name Ryder Hogan, one will think or try to link with the former professional wrestler. But let's not.

Ryder Hogan - Celebrity Child Of Inga Cadranel

That's right, Ryder Hogan is the son of the General Hospital actress Inga Cadranel and her beloved husband, Gabriel Hogan. Ryder is not the only child but the only son of his father and mother, who loves him to the moon and back. He also has a younger sister, born in 2011.

Ryder Hogan with his mother, Inga Cadranel. SOURCE: Instagram

Ryder's father and mother had him in 2006. His parents are a married couple. However, the exact date and year of their wedding are a mystery. Inga and Gabriel kept their wedding ceremony a secret.

Besides that, Ryder can sometimes be spotted on his mother's Instagram page, and it seems like the Canadian actress is pretty fond of showing off her son on social media. 

That's not at all; Ryder even visits his parents on set when they are filming. Talk about being a child of actors. On the other hand, Ryder's age, date of birth, zodiac sign, and birthday information are kept a secret by his parents for privacy concerns.

A family picture of Ryder Hogan with mother Inga Cadranel and father Gabriel Hogan. SOURCE: Instagram

Ryder is 14 years old, though, as of 2020, as he was born in 2006. As for his mother, Inga turned 42 in April 2020, and his father, Gabriel, turned 47 in January 2020.

Canadian Root & Family Of Ryder Hogan

The reason Ryder Hogan rose to fame is because of his parents, who are both famous TV actors. While Hogan's mother, Inga Cadranel, is known for her roles in Polar, The Rest of Us, Orphan Black, and Designated Survivor, his father, Gabriel Hogan, is popular for his works in The Associates, Heartland, and Traders.

And, although Ryder resides and mostly grew up in the States, where he lives in Los Angeles, he carries Canadian background. Both of his parents are Canadian nationals from Ontario.

In addition, Ryder is half Spanish, Armenian, and Icelandic from his mother's side. The bigger highlight of Ryder's family is that both his paternal and maternal grandparents come from acting backgrounds.

Ryder's maternal grandmother is the deceased actress and author Maja Ardal who wrote books including You Fancy Yourself and Midnight Sun. His paternal grandfather is Jeff Braunstein. As for his paternal grandfather, he is Michael Hogan, who appeared in the Battlestar Galactica and Mass Effect series.

And while Canadian actress Susan Hogan is Ryder's paternal grandmother, actress Jennie Rebecca Hogan is his aunt. He also has an uncle named Charlie Hogan.

Needless to mention, belonging to a family of actors, it's pretty certain Ryder Hogan is also most likely to follow in his parent's footsteps and keep the family legacy.

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