Home Article Insights to Sari Tracht's Relationship with Boyfriend Jeff Garlin who is Divorced from Ex-wife Maria Beth Cahan

Insights to Sari Tracht's Relationship with Boyfriend Jeff Garlin who is Divorced from Ex-wife Maria Beth Cahan

Updated On 06 Sep, 2021 Published On 06 Sep, 2021
Insights to Sari Tracht's Relationship with Boyfriend Jeff Garlin who is Divorced from Ex-wife Maria Beth Cahan

Sari Tracht and Jeff Garlin's relationship made headlines after they made their romance public. The news came after Jeff and his wife Maria headed for a permanent Hollywood split. So how's everything going between the lovebirds. Learn more about their affair in the article below.

Sari Tracht - Dating Actor Jeff Garlin

After a troublesome split, Jeff Garlin is dating his sweetheart Sachi Tracht. And, the Detroit native Sachi seems to be relishing a live-in-together relationship & blissful love life with her boyfriend. Aside from giving her time to her career, Garlin also gives her attention to Garlin. Well, Sari also lives a busy life by working with the HBO show, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Sari Tracht is in a live-in-together with her boyfriend, Jeff Garlin. SOURCE: Instagram (jeffgarlin)

Well, the newly in love pair made their relationship Instagram official a few months ago. In fact, Garlin and Tracht dated for almost a year before coming out publicly. But, will the couple marry anytime soon? Well, that's something only time can tell, as of now.

Not to mention, the most common thing between the two is that both Jeff & Sachi shares a good sense of humor. Well, all in all, we wish Sari & Jeff best wishes without any splits in the future. 

Jeff Garlin - Divorced from Ex-Wife Maria Beth Cahan

Jeff Garlin, a renowned stand-up comedian, also known as Murray Goldberg on ABC Comedy 'The Goldbergs', previously shared the vow to former wife Maria Beth Cahan. Mrs. Cahan is an Emmy Award-nominated actress who worked in the Hollywood movies Arlington Road and BombShell

Jeff Garlin divorced his ex-wife Marla Garlin in 2018. SOURCE: Getty Images

In addition to this, Jeff first met Maria when she worked as his agent. Soon after that, their adorable relationship began and started going well. After dating for few years, the pair got hitched in a secret ceremony without making it exclusive to the media back in July 1994.

Likewise, the comedian is a father of two kids he shares with his ex-spouse, Marla Beth Cahan. His kids are James Garlin, who joined the earthside in 1996, & Duke Garlin, born in 2000. Unfortunately, following 23 years of togetherness, the couple decided to part ways and got divorced

Jeff Garlin wishes his girlfriend Sari Tracht a happy belated birthday. SOURCE: Instagram (jeffgarlin)

The divorce of Garlin and his ex-wife was finalized in Sep 2018, but custody didn't play a role as either of the children wasn't minors. In his original divorce filing papers, Garlin mentioned his willingness to pay Maria for spousal support but wanted each side to pay their own attorneys' fees. 

What does Sari Tracht do for Living?

Well, Sari Tracht works as a technical editor in reality television shows, commercials, and documentaries. Tracht serves for Comedy Central's hit show Drunk History & collects a reasonable amount from her career.

Check out the video of Jeff Garlin speaking about his small role in 'The Rise of Skywalker.'

And as per reports, an average Cinema editor earns a minimum salary of $43,000 per year, as Tracht is a professional working for decades now. So, she's surely making at least $100k on average. Considering these numbers, the networth of Sari is assumed to be more than almost $200,000.

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