Internet sensation and YouTube star Shay Carl is not a new face to us. His YouTube channels have millions of subscribers, and people are addicted to his videos.

Today, however, we are here to discuss his personal life. Shay was caught cheating his wife with an online sex worker a year back and there life has not been the same afterward. Recently, after a year, Shay's wife Colette Butler finally said something about the cheating scandal. See what she has to say about the incident here!!!! 

Shay Carl's Wife Colette Butler Finally Broke The Silence On The Cheating Incident

It has been a year since Shay was caught cheating Colette and she has finally spoken about it. She shared a nine-minute-long video and talked about how she is handling her life right now. 

Shay and Colette got married in January 2003 after dating for a while, and they also have five children together named Emmi Laurie Butler, Gavin Butler, Avia Collete Butler, Brock Vincent Butler, and Daxton Charles Butler.

Shay and his wife Colette on a sweet snap
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Everything was perfect for them, but it was all ruined when Shay was caught cheating. On the video, she was also found talking about her husband's alcoholism problem and said:

"This has been a year of overcoming fears."

Here you can watch the full video here:

The Cheating Scandal Of Shay Carl 

It's been so long since it was revealed that Shay was cheating on his wife Colette with an online sex worker.

Bearing some kind of betrayal in a relationship is, of course, something beyond tolerance.


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Shay was caught having an online affair with an adult star Aria Nina. Shay, who was in rehab due to 'alcoholism' was shocked when Aria flashed all their private messages with Colette back in January. 


Dad is home!

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The girl tweeted screenshots to Colette and explained the relationship that she and her husband was having. 

"he said [she] was disgusting because [she] said his kid was adorable in a nice normal way."

Everyone was very shocked, and you can see some of the posts of the fans here: 


The dynamic duo strikes again! #happyhalloween #wonderwoman #batman

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Shay Carl: Quick Facts

  • Born on 5 March 1980 in Logan, Utah, the U.S. to the family of Carl and Laurie Butler.

  • Is the oldest among four in the family.

  • His siblings Casey, Carlie, and Logan; all of them are active on the Youtube. 

  • Studied at Idaho State University.

  • Also worked as a school bus driver in past.

  • The New York Times featured His production company Maker Studios in 2011.
  • Forbes called him one of the "most successful video entrepreneurs on YouTube".
  • She has an estimated net worth of about $25 million.

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