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Simon Cowell Weight Loss Transformation Was Inspired By Low Blood Pressure

Updated On 28 May, 2020 Published On 26 Sep, 2019
Simon Cowell Weight Loss Transformation Was Inspired By Low Blood Pressure

Simon Cowell first shunned the world with his weight loss transformation in 2017. And, instead of appreciation, the tv personality actually received trolls and banters. But, today is definitely not that day.

Simon Cowell Fainted In 2017 Caused By Low Blood Pressure

When Simon Cowell stepped outside with chiseled cheeks, slimmer jawline, and leaner waist in 2017, everyone ridiculously joked about it. The internet even formed conspiracies similar to Avril Lavigne that the British music mogul was replaced by a clone. Whatsoever, but, ignoring all the jokes on the internet, one can't simply ignore his amazing weight loss transformation.

Simon Cowell fainted from low blood pressure in 2017. SOURCE: Prevention

Moreover, the weight loss journey for Cowell began in 2017 when he passed out from low blood pressure. He was urgently admitted to the hospital too. And, it was then when his doctor advised him to lose some pounds if he needed to stay healthy and longer.

Then 57 years old Simon did obediently listen to his doctor and followed the advice. Soon after the life-changing incident aka the wake-up call, Cowell changed his diet and applied certain lifestyle changes to lead a healthy life. So, what did Cowell do?

Did Simon Rely On Weight Loss Surgery?

Obviously, Simon Cowell's weight loss transformation shockingly happened so quick that many believed he underwent bariatric surgeries aka weight-loss surgeries to lose weight the easier way. And, considering the fact that he lost more than 20 Ibs in such a short period of time, thus far, it's hard to not blame the accusers.

Simon Cowell cut off sugar and red meat to lose weight. SOURCE: Country Living Magazine

Matter of fact, among one, was popular comedian David Williams who once joked that the reality tv show judge indeed underwent surgeries since he never responded to the truth that is until he finally did. In case you can't seem to understand, Simon, clearly, never underwent surgeries.

To undergo weight-loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery, and liposuction, the patients are required to be extremely overweight. And as for Mr. Cowell, he was never obese which makes it obvious to accept the truth he didn't undergo any weight loss surgery. Cowell even also denied the buzz.

Cowell Followed A strict Diet & Avoided Meat

To focus on a healthy lifestyle to lose weight, the father of one, Eric Cowell, he shares with his girlfriend, Lauren Silverman, hired a professional nutritionist to guide him on consuming healthy diets. According to Cowell, it was also his son that made him feel more responsible for his health.

Simon Cowell pictured with wife Lauren Silverman and son Eric Cowell. SOURCE: Metro

Besides, he also consulted a doctor in Los Angeles. Cowell who enjoyed unhealthy, oily and junk food like burger, spaghetti, jam tarts focused on eating more healthy. He cut off high-calorie food and certain harmful drinks which eventually contributed a lot to Cowell on achieving his goals.

Moreover, he also avoided red meat, dairy products, gluten, and wheat. The only time he consumed sugar was when he ate fresh fruits. Cowell was, however, still limited to eat a certain type of fruits. Cowell also started to consume more yogurt, almond milk, and fish. Cowell who also credits exercises on his weight loss transformation is even considering to go vegan soon.

As the Britain Got's Talents' judge focused on his weight loss journey, Lauren remained a supportive partner who wouldn't even eat pizza in front of Cowell. The tv star is currently filming shows. And, the more he makes his appearance on television, the better his weight loss results get.

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