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Meet Miki Yim: Wife of actor Sung Kang. Know about their family and children

Updated On 24 Jan, 2024 Published On 12 Jan, 2017
Meet Miki Yim: Wife of actor Sung Kang. Know about their family and children

Sung Kang is happily married to his wife Miki Yim and the couple is living the most blissful marriage ever. Let us find out the secret to their successful marriage.

Miki Yim is one of the prominent faces in the fashion industry and currently works for leading fashion brands around the globe, Prada.

Although she hardly appears in the media, she's quite popular among fashionistas. Apart from her rising career, her personal life too is successful as she's happily married to the handsome Korean-American actor Sung Kang.

So, today let's meet Miki Yim; wife of actor Sung Kang, and learn about their family and children. 

Miki Yim: Wife of Actor Sung Kang: Happily Married Couple

The General Manager of Prada, Miki has celebrated more than two decades of wedding bliss together.

Sung Kang married his girlfriend Miki Yim in a private ceremony in 1994 which only a few of their very close friends and family were invited.     

Sung Kang with wife Miki Yim
Source: Unapix

Sung and Miki met for the first time when both of them were hanging out in Koreatown Karaoke.

At that time Sung was singing the song 'When Doves Cry' and his would-be wife said bluntly that his voice was just plain ridiculous.

In an interview with LA Weekly Sung revealed that Miki made fun of his haircut by saying,

"Where do you get your hair cut? You need to get your money back because you look like the Korean Dutch boy."  


Actor Sung Kang.
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But Kang eventually won her over and they married in 1994 and are stuck with each other ever since.

Sung was always busy with his schedule and his love for cars. He was cast by Fast and Furious director Justin Lin for his love for sports called drifting.

The couple has every possible reason to celebrate their happy married life. Despite their blissful married life, they always tend to keep their family life under the radar.

Well, the attempt is praiseworthy while we need complete privacy. Still, we wish to know more about the two.

Their Happy Family And Children

Sung and Miki do not have any children between them. It sounds as if both of them are not yet ready to be parents and we do respect their decision. 

Miki Yim with his nephew,
Source: Sungkanfan

Even though they do not have children of their own, they enjoy spending time with other children of their family members.

A few months back Sung posted a picture of his nephew and showed off his straight A's in the examination.

Judging by his expression we can clearly say that Sung was very proud of his nephew and he thinks of him as his son.

Sung and his wife also had a restaurant based in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California named Saketini. But due to too much workload, they had to close it down.

Currently, both of them are living the best moment of their life together. We wish them success in their future. 

Miki Yim: Quick Facts

  • Born and raised in South Korea, Miki Yim works as the General Manager for Prada, based in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Attended Meiji Gakuin University, completing a Bachelor's degree in English/ Language Arts.
  • Prior to working for Prada, she worked as a Supervisor for Louis Vuitton in Hawaii.
  • She's an experienced sales manager and has worked for many top brands including SEPHORA, Celine Inc., La Perla, Chanel, and so on.

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