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Stephanie Szostak Shares Two Children With Husband Britt Szostak

Updated On 22 May, 2023 Published On 20 Dec, 2019
Stephanie Szostak Shares Two Children With Husband Britt Szostak

Fans of Stephanie Szostak are already familiar with the feeling of displeasure by seeing the actress' role struggles as a mother of two on A Million Little Things. But, obviously, her off-screen life as a mother is nothing like that.

As a popular actress on small and big screens both, Stephanie Szostak who mothers two young sons tries to protect her children and most of her personal life from the public. That, however, doesn't mean little is only known about Szostak.

Stephanie Szostak Married Her College Sweetheart At 25

You heard that right. Szostak's role as Delilah Dixon didn't endure a happy marriage as her fictional character cheated on her husband on the ABC show, but her real-life marriage, to say the least, is a huge success though. To be married for over two decades and what not to be still in love madly and crazily, what could be better than this?

Stephanie Szostak and her husband met in college. SOURCE: Stephanie Szostak Instagram

Szostak met her husband, Britt Szostak when they were students at The College of William & Mary based in Virginia. As a matter of fact, Stephanie recently came to the US at the time to get a degree in business. And after getting to know each other during their college life, Britt fell hard for the French beauty.

As deeply in love, as the two love birds were with each other, Stephanie and her then-boyfriend managed to maintain their relationship amidst all the long-distance relationship phase when she had to constantly fly to her home country. And, not long after their graduation, the two even became engaged and were ready to follow the next chapter of their life.

Stephanie Szostak and her husband Britt Szostak married when they were just 25. SOURCE: Stephanie Szostak Instagram

And, only at the age of 25 in 2000, Stephanie and Britt exchanged their marital vows. The Iron Man 3 cast where she co-starred Robert Downer Jr. made a pretty bride in a white simple gown whilst her groom rocked a white matching shirt and a black pants. 

The Szostaks Moves To New York

Marriage looked great from Stephanie and her husband, but the couple wanted to do more with their life professionally and hence decided to loan some money and move to New York and shared a small apartment that featured just one room.

Although the money budget was a serious concern at the time, Stephanie and Britt still managed to work it out with their job whilst the actress worked as a marketing assistant for Chanel and her partner worked for a commission-based job.

As a matter of fact, it was whilst working at Chanel, Stephanie landed on the job to model after being approached by a photographer at the company. Luckily for Szostak, her husband remained supportive of his wife's newfound career. After all, she was making more money as a model than she did with Chanel.

Also, it was whilst working as a model, the Paris born and bred developed a passion for acting. And, likewise, the rest is history.

Life For Stephanie After Motherhood

Nearly after being married for five years and enjoying a successful career as a model, the actress realized she was ready to take the role of a mother. Although the newly-then aspiring actress was in her early phase as an actor, she couldn't care less about destroying her acting career and risked it all.

Stephanie Szostak pictured with her sons. SOURCE: Boston Globe

Their first son, who's fifteen as of 2019, was born shortly thereafter. None of her two sons' identities are disclosed to the public yet. But, as a working mother with a hectic schedule, Stephanie often brings her sons on the sets when it's possible.

As a matter of fact, the Satisfaction actress even credits her then twelve years old son for helping her act for a certain scene for Iron Man which was later appreciated by the director. And, at the end of the day, Stephanie Szostak is just proud to have two sons and a husband who immensely loves and supports the actress and her career.

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