Home Article Vasiliy Brovko Is The Husband Of Tina Kandelaki Who Accused Katy Perry Of Sexual Abuse

Vasiliy Brovko Is The Husband Of Tina Kandelaki Who Accused Katy Perry Of Sexual Abuse

Published On 18 Dec, 2019
Vasiliy Brovko Is The Husband Of Tina Kandelaki Who Accused Katy Perry Of Sexual Abuse

The name 'Vasiliy Brovko' began making more headlines after his marriage to eleven years senior tv reporter and businesswoman, Tina Kandelaki was publicized. The Russian businessman tries to keep his personal life close to his vest, but, here's everything you need to know about Vasiliy Brovko's married life.

The director of Communication for Rostec, founded by Russian President Vladimir Putin, entrepreneur Vasiliy Brovko has been married to his wife, Tina Kandelaki for about five years today. But, their love story is one hell of a kind, like, how their business partnership turned into something more when they first encountered in the late 2000s.

Vasiliy Brovko Met Tina Kandelaki When They Were Only 21 & 33

Interestingly, Brovko was in her early twenties when the fresh graduate of Lomonosov Moscow State University had just ventured into the world of the corporation to start out his career. And, at the age of 21 whilst attending a business meeting, Brovko encounters an energetic and stunningly professional woman in her early thirties who later would be his wife.

Vasiliy Brovko and his wife, Tina Kandelaki share eleven years of an age gap. SOURCE: Capelino

And, it was whilst working together, Kandelaki's business ethics and personality attracted Brovko and before he could realize it, he was already in love. As a matter of fact, Brovko couldn't care about their huge age gap nor about the past of the woman he truly fell for. Much to his luck, Tina was a single woman but the Armenian beauty, however, was a newly single lady.

Prior to the facts, the tv producer couldn't see herself involved in any relationships right away as she also needed to take care of her children; daughter, Melania Kondrakina and son, Leontiy Kondrakin, she shares with her previous husband, Andrey Kondrakin. Tina and her first husband remained married for twelve years before they finalized their divorce in 2010.

Brovko & Kandelaki Get Hitched

It seems as although the mother of two remained reluctant to make her decisions on Vasiliy right away, it was only a matter of time, the business tycoon accepted her mutual feelings for her then-new potent husband. And soon after the two became an item, the pair obviously kept their affair as secretive as possible.

Vasiliy Brovko and Tina Kandelaki married intimately in 2014. SOURCE: Mice Times

Maybe both Brovko and Kandelaki wanted to avoid all the public gossips considering that they shared a massive age gap. On the other hand, of course, the public news outlets and media were already suspicious of the journalist's newfound love. And, when the speculations finally fueled up, the love birds denied the allegations.

On the other side, as serious as he was with Tina, Vasiliy couldn't wait anymore to take take the next step of their relationship and finally asked for Kandelaki's hand in marriage before the couple tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in the presence of their nearest and dearest ones in 2014.

The news of their marriage was only revealed much later to the public after the information was leaked by a source though. However, as of today, Vasiliy and his wife aren't shy of making public attendance together.

Sexual Allegation Against Katy Perry

Soon after American model and actor Josh Kloss came forward to publicly speak that he was sexually harassed by singer Katy Perry, Tina as well as notified that she somewhat shared a similar experienced from Perry at a private party.

Tina Kandelaki on her experience with Katy Perry. SOURCE: Pop Updates

According to Kloss who worked with Katy in her hit single, Teenage Dream, the model affirms that the singer pulled down his pants to show off his private parts whilst he was about to introduce Katy to his friends. Other than that, Josh also claims that Perry even went around telling people kissing him for the music video of 'Teenage Dream' was 'gross.'

Kandelaki, on the other hand, revealed via StarHit that Perry, who was apparently under the influence tried to kiss and hug her at the VIP party. But, the Georgia-born mentions that she was able to save herself from Perry's predatory behavior after she resisted and fought back whilst the intoxicated singer searched for a new partner.

Tina, however, later confirmed that she wasn't sexually abused by the music mogul but was only sharing the experience she encountered with Perry.

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