Home Article Want to keep the Romance Alive with your partner even after Marriage and Children? Here are top eight ways to maintain the healthy Relationship

Want to keep the Romance Alive with your partner even after Marriage and Children? Here are top eight ways to maintain the healthy Relationship

Updated On 14 Aug, 2017 Published On 13 Aug, 2017
Want to keep the Romance Alive with your partner even after Marriage and Children? Here are top eight ways to maintain the healthy Relationship

Want to keep the Romance Alive with your partner even after Marriage and Children? Here are top eight ways to maintain the healthy marriage

      ......in sickness and in health, Till Death Do Us Apart. I Do"

When you and your partner exchange vows and promise to be each other's for the rest of your life, it's undoubtedly the most wonderful feeling and the happiest moment you'll ever experience.

But what comes after the wedding won't be a piece of cake, but a life-long commitment which most of the couples fails to accomplish. 

However, when you see a couple who've been happily married for such a long time, it gives us hope and lessons that nothing is impossible or difficult when it comes to loving another person and spending our lives with them.

And we keep wondering, how did they make it so far and what are the secrets to their healthy happy relationship, do they really finish each other's sentences?  Well, worry not as Married Wiki today brings you the top eight secrets to a long-lasting marriage.

8.  Have a Hobby together

We all have hobbies and we love doing what we like most of the time. Despite the differences, it's always better to share a hobby together.

You can stay home and watch movies and series together, prepare dinner or go for running, play golf or go on concerts, whatever interests you two the most.

Source: Dreamdays

Once you start doing these things, you'll find time for one another and will get to know each other well too.

7. If you have a problem, sit down and talk about it

Most of the marriages end, due to irreconcilable arguments, piles of negative thoughts, bitterness, cold wars, and avoidance. 

If you have a problem with your partner or something he does, then the first thing you should do talk with him/her about how you feel and what can be done, so that there won't be any problems in the future.

Source: Couples learn

Despite the awkwardness, you should be able to ask all the questions that have been eating you up in the restless nights. See 7 Awkward Questions You Should Ask Your Partner Before Marriage

6. Accept your partner's flaw 

Let's face it. No body is perfect and there's no such thing as a perfect relationship or a soul-mate. Researchers have found that most of the couples fight due to spouse's behavior that doesn't please another partner. 

And most of the couple think that their partners would change after marriage which cannot be guaranteed.

Source: stevenaitchison.com

The best thing that you can do to save your marriage is accepting the flaws of your partner.

And before it's too late, realize whether you'll be able to live with them forever before you walk down the aisle. Those little imperfections are what it makes you and your partner special.

5. Be a team

Marriage is a project that doesn't have a single outcome but thousands of precious memories and moments to make your life more meaningful.

Source: stevenaitchison.com

You and your partner both need to understand that being married is a team work and you will both work together on it every day.

It's a work in progress and it won't last forever unless you put an effort on it. Respect one another and you can't get tired of being married or get bored of each other because that way your marriage is bound to fail and go downhill.

 4. Deal finances with your partner

The money issue is one of the most common causes of divorce. Whether it's your loans or bills to pay, it's better to discuss finances with your partner. 

And once your child is born it's even difficult to afford all those expenses. So, before running out on money and exploding out, you should deal with your finances smartly together.

Source: ExpertBeacon

For this, you can take classes on how to save money, smart expenses, child rearing, and other issues that will ensure you both to have knowledge about your finances.

3. Take a romantic vacation at least once a month

A strong relationship requires quality time and when you both are working under busy schedules, it's difficult to maintain that passion and bond you have together. So, it's better to go on a romantic getaway together at least once a month. 

Source: BharatJourneys

It'll give you time to rejuvenate, start off fresh and talk with your partner. You can enjoy your quiet vacation doing different adventures like hiking or camping or you can stay in bed whole day, enjoying the beautiful nature and cuddle!

2. Sex helps you to keep your romance alive

When you exchange vows and rings, it's god's will for you two to be together, mentally, intellectually and physically. If there's no chemistry or sexual intimacy then the major pillar of marriage will fall apart.

Source: Mind Body Green

Sex is a basic biological need and as a married couple, you must fulfill each other's need. Try different things with your partner and never be shy to say what you want exactly.

Make sex a regular part of your relationship and to do that, you can arrange a schedule. Sex is not just a fun element of marriage but it strengthens your bond and passion for each other.

1. Don't give up

Tough situations don't last long but tough people do. When you and your partner are facing a difficult time, then most of the couple start the blame-game. 

Instead, work together, as you vowed for better or for worse. So when it's worse, face the worst part together and never leave your partner alone.

Source: New Love Times

The good times will return soon if you stick together no matter what. You can always opt. for counseling and therapy and starting over again with your partner too, is a better idea. 

Strong relationship cannot build on one day...it needs a true passion and patience as well. Working together on a marriage always works and if you desire to keep your romance alive forever than you must follow the ideas above.  

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