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What is Bipolar Disorder? See its Signs, symptoms, and Treatment

Updated On 08 Aug, 2017 Published On 08 Aug, 2017
What is Bipolar Disorder? See its Signs, symptoms, and Treatment

Bipolar disorder is a type of mental illness having at least having one manic episode in life.It is often a pattern between mania and depression.

Bipolar disorder is a form of mental illness marked by extreme mood swings from high to low and low to high. It is also known as bipolar disease or manic depression.

It is a condition that features extreme shifts in moods and fluctuations in energy and activity levels that make our daily life very difficult.

Bipolar disorder has no any age boundary but most detected in people between the ages 15 and 25 years affecting male and female equally.

What is Bipolar Disorder?           

Most people affected with bipolar disorder also suffer from episodes of depression. During manic disorder, you may show some kind of abnormal behavior. You might quit the job, charge huge amounts on credit cards or get insomnia.

Source: Behavioral Wellness and Recovery

However, some studies have shown that people with bipolar disorder may have enhanced creativity. A Certain change in mood may affect your projects and plans.

An estimated 2.9 percent of Americans have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder, among those, 83 percent of cases are categorized as severe.


Symptoms vary from person to person, and as per the mood. Some spend months or years in a "high" or "low" mood.

Sometimes a "mixed state" is also detected when a manic and depressive episode happens at the same time.

Some of the symptoms are one that follows:

1. Mania or Hypomania

It refers to a "high" mood. It is more severe form than others.

Source: Akairan

It is characterized by:

  • Impaired judgement
  • Feeling creepy
  • A feeling of distraction or boredom
  • Missing work or school, or degrading performance
  • Excessive self-confidence
  • Belief that nothing is wrong
  • Violent talk with a sudden jump from one topic to another

Drug abuse or excessive consumption of alcohol and performing some dangerous activities can be some other symptom associated with it.

2. Depressive Symptom

Source: Collective Evolution

During a depressive episode, an individual may experience:

  • Insomnia
  • Extreme sadness
  • A feeling of despair, blackness, and hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Physical problems and pain that doesn't respond treatment
  • Feeling of guilt
  • Extreme tiredness and fatigue
  • Low attention in important things and difficulty remembering things


Bipolar disorder doesn't have a single cause. It is a result of several factors that interact.

Genetic Factors

Some studies and survey proved that there is some genetic component to the bipolar disorder.

It is more likely to affect a person who has a family member with the same condition.

Biological Traits

Some patient with the cause often shows some physical changes in their brains.

It can have a link with some chemical imbalances in the brain, hormonal change, also some environmental factors.


Treatment measures are totally focused on minimizing the frequency of manic and depressive episodes.

It can be given with a combination of drug therapy, physical and psychological interventions.

Drug Treatment

Doctor's instruction is must forward any kind of drug therapy. Lithium carbonate is the most commonly prescribed long-term drug treating mania and depression.

Source: Mental Health Guru

Anticonvulsants are prescribed in case of mania episodes.

Antipsychotics like aripiprazole, olanzapine, risperidone are some options in severe condition.

Psychotherapy, CBT, and hospitalization

Psychotherapy aims to alleviate and help the patient manage symptoms.

Source: Mental Health Guru

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an individual or family-focused therapy, can help prevent relapses.

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