Home Article Who Is American Footballer Jimmy Graham Dating Presently? Details Of His Past Affairs And Dating Rumors

Who Is American Footballer Jimmy Graham Dating Presently? Details Of His Past Affairs And Dating Rumors

Updated On 03 Nov, 2019 Published On 24 Dec, 2018
Who Is American Footballer Jimmy Graham Dating Presently? Details Of His Past Affairs And Dating Rumors

Jimmy Graham is really personal about his personal life and keeps it private. He is an American footballer and has had a rough past and went through quite a shocking childhood.

There is a bigger love in this world other than the one between a husband and a wife, which is the love of a mother for her child. It sees no bounds and faces any obstacle presented in front of it and is endless. And oftentimes the mother that raises the child is more affectionate than the one that gives birth.

Jimmy Graham is an American Footballer and it is heartwarming to see the love between him and his mother. The odds that the mother and son duo beat is nothing less of an epitome of love and they show how love finds you when you need it the most.

Apart from his relationship with his mom, is Jimmy dating anyone at the moment? What about his girlfriend? 


Jimmy Graham Present Affairs And Dating Rumors

Jimmy Graham is a dashing guy with an appealing physique but he doesn’t seem to have any girlfriend. Either he is really good at keeping his relationships hidden or he is just not into long-term relationships.

Jimmy definitely makes women go crazy over him, however, he chooses to stay single and away from relationship tantrums and controversies. As the American football tight end is a Co-chairman of Young Eagles by profession, he is frequently seen with the beautiful female members of it. As a result, his fans speculate if he has a girlfriend or has kids.

Despite being 36, he is still more focused on building a career rather than having romantic love affairs. Most notably, his socials are showered with pictures of different kinds of aircraft.

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Details about Jimmy Graham’s relationship history might be the best-kept secret ever by any athlete as there’s no information regarding him having dated anyone or marrying anyone. Though he has been falsely linked to actress MacKenzie Mauzy who like Graham, is also from Goldsboro, North Carolina.


Jimmy Graham in the fields
Source: Sbnation.com

But that doesn't mean the handsome hunk did not get any offers as there were quite a few women including the model, Dalia Elliot, hinting that she would love to know him better.

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There were also rumors that the stud had also committed adultery with Russell Wilson’s girlfriend when he was with the Seattle Seahawks.


Jimmy Graham in an argument
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It was said that he had committed the infidelity within just a few hours of arriving in town and after it was revealed, Graham was punched by Seahawks receiver Doug Baldwin in the locker room and then promptly traded to the Jets.

Although he has no long-term relationships, he sure does seem to know his way with the ladies.

Jimmy Graham Dealing With His Past

Jimmy Graham had a very horrid childhood that was filled with abuse and instability. The details about his biological father are unknown as his single mother raised him in the lower-middle-class income range.

From time to time, Graham’s mother used to send him to live with relatives because she was not able to provide for him as a child.

Jimmy Graham With his mother, Becky Vinson in his graduation

After failing to find a relative to permanently unload her son to, she arranged a custody agreement with her ex-husband, however, the arrangement fell through over a $98 per month child support payment which the man demanded.

Jimmy Graham injured
Source: upinews.com

With no other option left, his biological mother signed her son off to a group home for orphans and troubled youth and occasionally to social services where he was physically beaten by older children. At the age of 11, Graham found solace at a weekly prayer group that offered free food.

It was here that he met the woman who he holds very dear to his heart today, Becky Vinson, a young nursing student who after interacting with him, decided to adopt him.

Under her love, care, and support, Jimmy improved his grades in school and became a star athlete. Whatever he is today, he is because of Becky and they both love each other very much.

Interesting facts of Jimmy Graham

  • Jimmy Graham was born on November 24, 1986, in Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA.
  • He is 6 ft 7 inch high and weighs 120 kg.
  • He attended the University of Miami (FL). 
  • His net worth is $10 million.

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