Home Article Who Is CGP Grey Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Relationship

Who Is CGP Grey Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Relationship

Published On 06 Dec, 2018
Who Is CGP Grey Wife? Know In Detail About His Married Life And Relationship

CGP Grey is a very secretive person. He is married to a woman a long time ago. The information about his children is not available.

American-Irish Youtuber and podcaster, CGP Grey is an extremely secretive person. The information of him marrying in news is barely findable. However, the Youtuber once mentioned in his one video that he's married unopenly.

On one of CGP Grey's "Question and Answer" video, he answers a fan's question, "What's Your Favorite Element?" by Ramus, Denmark. Here are CGP Grey's actual words, "I don't have a favorite but I'm irrationally fond of Tungsten mainly because my wedding ring is made out of it." It means he's married to someone but doesn't reveal to whom. Read below to find out who.

CGP Grey's Wife, Married Life, and Relationship Status

The American-Irish man is a tight-lipped person. He is master of keeping private life secret. It can be speculated that CGP Grey married way before 2012.


CGP Grey and his Wife from Flickr
Source: CGP Grey

There aren't any news or rumors on his married life or about his kids. According to reports, CGP Grey's wife is from Hawaii. Simply, Grey chooses to live simple, yet secretive life and doesn't seek fame.

Even though he didn't disclose much information about his wife and children, he turns out to be a married person for a very long time.

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CGP Grey's Career, Education and Lifestyle

Grey went to college in New York and earned two college degrees: Physics and Sociology. He, then, went to London and became a computer teacher there. Currently, Grey lives in England. 

Stickman CGP GREY uses in his videos

Grey has multiple youtube channels: CGP Grey, CGP GREY2 and CGP PLAY. Grey has a total of around 4 million subscribers in his 3 channels. He has also earned around 400 million views in his 3 youtube channels. Besides running those youtube channels, he also does podcasts for his living.

Without actually showing his face, the amount of fame he has got is insane. His videos are generally informative yet educational. He generally chooses topics related to politics, science, computer, and technology. He is a right-handed person. He has very few friends: Haran, Derek Muller (of Veritasium), Henry Reich (of Minute Physics) and Destin Sandlin (of Smarter Every Day). 

He uses apple products more than anything. His family had a dog but currently, he doesn't own one. He is active on Youtube since 2010.

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Quick Facts: CGP Grey

Source: Imgur
  • He is a Youtuber, podcaster and ex-teacher.
  • He is married secretly.
  • He has two countries citizenships.
  • His Hogwarts house is Ravenclaw.
  • He has more than 2 educational degrees.
  • He owns 3 youtube channels.

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