Home Article Who is Cliff Curtis Married to? Know in Detail About his Wife and Children

Who is Cliff Curtis Married to? Know in Detail About his Wife and Children

Published On 20 Feb, 2019
Who is Cliff Curtis Married to? Know in Detail About his Wife and Children

The co-owner of New Zealand production company Whenua Films, Cliff Curtis is known for his credits in several Hollywood movies. Now the renown on-screen admits that he gets called back to his tribe which he joined as a child.

Cliff made it to the headlines after tying the knot with the love of his life but the New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis kept his relationship secret, far from the media.

Let ’s take a close look at Cliff Curtis' personal life and know more about his wife and children.

Actor Cliff Curtis' Married Relationship; Who is his Wife?

The father of two, Cliff Curtis married the love of his life, an Asian lady in late 2009

Cliff Curtis and his Asian wife with their child

The 48-year-old actor, Curtis walked down the aisle in a private ceremony held in Marae on the New Year eve of 2009. Yet, the actor didn't disclose any exclusive details about his new bride.

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Somehow, reliable sources claim that the bride's family is of Asian origin who traveled down to Rotoiti in a 22-seater private jet.

As a matter of fact, Hatupatu Marae of Tapuaekura where the lavish private nuptials held is Cliff's family sacred place located on the edge of Lake Rotoiti, near Rotorua.

The bride looked gorgeous on her strapless white dress along with sweetheart neckline. Sailing through a boat from Duxton hotel to marriage venue, the angelic disguised lady of the day stepped into the land with a smile on her face and a veil on her dress that touched her ankles and the ground.

Cliff Curtis' Asian wife and kids

On the special occasion, Cliffs' uncle, Toby Curtis caught the attention of the attendees and revealed that the home wedding is planned by Curtis and everyone must respect the privacy.

Uncle Toby added;

“I think it’s important to everyone.”

Six years later, a new member was added to his family as the New Zealand actor gave birth to a baby boy. Nevertheless, Curtis tends to hide every family detail in the dark.

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Cliff guards his family in a healthy manner! So far, everyone finds it hard to squeeze about his personal life. Well, the proud couple of three children relishes a beautiful relationship under a radar. We just wish a life long journey to the happily blessed!

Cliff Curtis' Tribe Wants Him To Be A Maori 

The American actor Cliff Curtis, who belongs to Maori descent is in a dilemma as his tribes want him to be a Maori. After getting attached to American society for nearly two decades, the Blow' star gets called back to his origin by his tribes.

Maori wants Cliff Curtis
SOURCE: Stuff.co

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand who arrived from Polynesia in canoes in between 1200-1300. Te Arawa and Ngati Hauiti are the tribal affiliations of the culture.

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Well, as a child, Maori descent Hollywood actor Cliff studied a traditional form of Maori fight known as Mau Raku. As from the reports, Maori elder Mita Mohi taught Curtis, the art of fighting on Mokoia Island of Tikitere, New Zealand.

What's it like to be a Maori fighter?

There Cliff learned the art dancing and performed as a break-dancer. Later on, he enrolled in various rock and roll dance competitions with which he came to spotlight.

Now, the tribe wants the professional actor to join his origin. Actor Cliff Curtis admitted;

"I'm in Hollywood and they want me to be a Maori"

Furthermore, Once Were Warriors actor describes that it doesn't go well for him if he went back to his tribe. In addition, Cliff says that it's not cool to go back to Maori!

Is it after his marriage on the Island, people want the couple to be home or is it because of his worth in Hollywood? Everything remains a mystery!

Cliff Curtis: Quick Facts

Cliff Curtis
SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter
  • Cliff Curtis was born on 27 July 1968, in Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.
  • The son of an amateur dancer Curtis is of Maori descent.
  • He studied at Western Heights High School in Rotorua.
  • The 50 years old actor stands 6 feet on the ground weighing 78 kg.
  • As of 2019, Cliff Curtis' estimated net worth is $3 million.

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