Home Article Vine star Colby Brock, know about his Affairs, Relationship, and Career here

Vine star Colby Brock, know about his Affairs, Relationship, and Career here

Updated On 10 May, 2023 Published On 08 Sep, 2017
Vine star Colby Brock, know about his Affairs, Relationship, and Career here

We all know the social media personality Colby Brock who has uploaded many videos on social media and has become very popular where he used to do a videos with his close friend and the Vine Star named Sam Goldbach. Today in this section we are talking about the personal lives of Colby Brock, we already knew about his public life of his career but then today we will focus on his personal life.

We all know the social media personality Colby Brock who gained popularity from the vine videos alongside his close friend Sam Goldbach. The 26-year-old young boy from Stanley, Kansas has already a huge fan following. 

If you are one of the huge fans of the young and talented Colby and wants to be updated about his personal affairs including his dating life, girlfriend, and relationship than stay with us!!!!!!!! 

Colby Brock: Dating life and girlfriend 

Colby is quite popular among youngsters especially girls who love his adorable and charming personality. Most of you might wonder that this young lad has a long list of girlfriends but as per the sources, he is still single.

He has never been linked with anyone so far and with no proper evidence of him being in a relationship, we can assume that he is single.

Well, it is still too early for him to be in a committed relationship which might be the reason behind his being so secretive regarding his affairs.

He, however, during his high school had a crush on a Drummer girl. Guess who also had a crush on the same girl....well none other than his now best friend( they did not know each other at that time) Sam....what a coincidence!!!

Though they did not reveal who ended up with that girl they did mention about finding each other and becoming one of the closest friends. As of 2023, He was rumored to be romantically involved with fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl.

Colby Brock's Career

Colby and Sam with the dream to be famous started uploading unusual videos on the vine and within no time people started noticing them and their videos.  

In January 2014 they reached 10,000 fan followers and in the month of April of the same year, they reached  100,000 followers. In the same year, Colby got an opportunity to work with Jack Dytrych on the video named  'Inappropriate Songs While on Hold’.

The video they made was titled 'Following Fat People' on the Vine page and it was viewed by 15 million people, which was published on 4th of August 2014. 

The video was, however, backlashed by many people as they found it quite offensive to the people who have over-weight issues. Later Sam give a statement, he said:

“We wanted to become known, so we thought the best way and the fastest way to do that was to be funny on Vine.”

Similarly, they also have a Facebook channel named Sam, and Colby. They have 8 lacs subscribers and 54 million, viewers. Colby is active on his social sites where he has 3 million followers on Instagram.

Here is the collection of the best Vine videos of the dynamic duo.....enjoy watching!!!!! 

Quick Facts of Colby Brock

Source: famous people
  • He was born on the 2nd of January 1997 and was raised in Kansas, United States.
  • He loves his parents and family. 
  • His Zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • His height is 5 feet 9 inches. 

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