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Who Is Huda Beauty Creator Married To? Everything About The Cosmetic Mogul's Relationship

Updated On 14 Jan, 2020 Published On 15 Dec, 2019
Who Is Huda Beauty Creator Married To? Everything About The Cosmetic Mogul's Relationship

On the peak of her success, Huda Kattan once almost split from her husband who has actually been one of her business strengths since day one. Fortunately, Huda was able to save her marriage which is still standing strong today.

To be even more precise, Kattan's teenage relationship that turned into a marriage that still lasts today is none like you've ever heard. As a matter of fact, Kattan's love life is as precious as her billion-dollar worth beauty company.

Huda Beauty Is Married To College Sweetheart

The Iraqi-American beauty mogul none other than Huda Kattan is highly recognized as the owner and the founder of $1.2 billion worth cosmetic company, Huda Beauty. Obviously, there must be fewer people who are not exposed to Huda's makeup products and brands. But, how many are there who personally knows the beauty mogul?

Huda Kattan married her husband Christopher Goncalo in 2008. SOURCE: Daily Mail

Unbelievably, Huda has been married to the love of her life, Christopher Goncalo since 2008. But the love birds first met each other when Huda was in high school and Chris was studying Finance at the University of Michigan. Matter of fact, Huda was only sixteen at the time. And, in 2008, Huda exchanged her marital vows to Chris agreeing to spend the rest of her life with her groom.

It was also the same year, Kattan and her husband moved to Dubai, which has turned into a fully developed city by then. But, it was actually Goncalo's decision to move to the gulf country to secure Huda's company after the financial companies in the US suffered tragedy. And, today, Goncalo serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Huda Beauty.

A Proud Mother Of A Daughter

Of course, operating Huda Beauty, especially in it's struggling phase was never easy for the beauty guru. Although her fans and the public appreciated her beauty products, it was still a long way to achieve her goals for the Iraqi beauty, and it must have been the reason Huda and her husband didn't rush into starting a family.

Clearly, both Huda and her husband wanted their business settled so they could give their offsprings a life and a future they deserve. And finally in 2011, after three years of their intimate wedding, the beauty emperor welcomed her first child. Lucky for her, it was a daughter who the couple named Nour Gisele.

Huda Kattan and her husband Christopher Goncalo and their daughter, Nour Gisele. SOURCE: Pinterest

Their daughter who has been inherited with the beauty of Huda and the facial resemblance of her father often makes her appearance on the couple's Instagram. Not to mention, Huda and Chris even operate an Instagram account to update the activities of Nour with adorable pictures.

And, like mother like daughter, Nour has already established her love for makeup too, by the age of only nine. Her mother, however, remains strict so that her daughter doesn't use heavy makeovers at a young age.

Huda & Chris Almost Divorced

Following their shift to Dubai after Huda and her husband surpassed the beginning phase of establishing their business, Huda Beauty received praise everywhere and highly relished its successes and business profit.

At one point, however, Huda drew reluctant to move her attention, time and dedication from work to any other thing. The mother of one fell in love with the work to the point that she could care less about spending her time at home with her family.

And, right at the time, when Chris had to be hospitalized for the treatment of his ulcer, he thought his wife would leave him so she could spend more time at the Huda Beauty office. But, maybe the ulcer came in the disguise of their marriage's savior, that it brought Huda to the attention of realizing the importance of her husband and family.

But, aren't highs and lows a part of relationships? And, today, Huda and Chris has been together for over twenty years.

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