If you are one of the biggest fans of ABC TV series ‘The Last Man Standing’ then you must remember the character of ‘Kristin Baxter’ on its first season. Yes, the role which was played by the very beautiful actress ‘Alexandra Krosney’.

However, she was replaced after the first season but she succeeds to win our hearts through her amazing acting ability and charismatic personality.

Despite her professional life, she has her own personal space which is completely different from the limelight of Hollywood.

So, today we are going to discuss her personal life and if you are interested to know more about your favorite star than check out our article. Let’s begin!        

Current relationship status of Alexandra Krosney

The current relationship status of the stunning actress is single. The 29-year-old super gorgeous actress is still single and is not dating anyone. 

Alexandra Krosney, Source: Wikipedia

She is one of the career-oriented actresses and that might be the reason she prefers to stay single. She may want to focus all her attention towards her work rather than being in a relationship.

Despite this, we never heard any rumors regarding her linkups and affairs.

 Alexandra posed for a photoshoot


Finally 21! Props courtesy of @bambolabambina

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Reason behind of Alexandra replacement in ‘Last Man Standing’

On June 11, 2012, when a news came out that character of ‘Kristin Baxter’ was going to replace from its second season it breaks many hearts of Alexandra fans.

Alexandra played a role of 'Kristin Baxter' at 'Last Man Standing', Source: YouTube

People started assuming different things of her exit. Some said she left the show because of her boyfriend while some speculate it was because of her tantrums on the set but the truth was still in under wrapped.

However, later the real reason come out from the makers of the show itself. They said:

“The show just went through a couple of cast changes and apparently, Alexandra was on that list as she looks younger than her character and we want some mature face.”

They further added:

“The age difference afforded the show the opportunity to retool the family dynamic.”

She was replaced by Amanda Fuller in season 2.

Though today she is not a part of the show but she made a very good impression on her fans through her character.

After, ‘ the Last Man Standing’ she appeared in many movies and TV shows and got an opportunity to work with many popular faces like; ‘Tim Allen’, ‘Nancy Travis’, ‘Kaitlyn Dever’ and ‘Nick Jonas’.

Recently, she is busy on her new project ‘Twenty-Three Pints’ which is a short movie where she played the character of ‘Leanne’.

Alexandra Krosney wonderful career

The beautiful ‘Alexandra Krosney’ started her acting career through the television series called ‘Grubbs’ in 2002.

Later in 2003, she appeared in an episode of ‘Without a trace’.


This was barely a costume.

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After that, she worked in many shows but ABC sitcom ‘Last Man standing’ helps her to get a new height of popularity.

Gorgeous Alexandra at blue top, Source: Reddit

Despite acting, she was actively involved in social media too. Often she shared her pictures on social sites with her pets which recognized her as a pet lover.


Just an old romantic photo of a girl and the cat who hates her.

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Afghani Hall

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Happy 3rd birthday to this sausage in a fur coat. I would share my leftover birthday cake with him but I ate all of it myself.

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Well, we want to wish Alexandra all the best for her upcoming projects and hope soon she will found her soul mate.