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Who Is Venus Williams Dating? Know about her Relationship Timeline and Children

Updated On 16 Jul, 2017 Published On 16 Jul, 2017
Who Is Venus Williams Dating? Know about her Relationship Timeline and Children

Who Is Venus Williams Dating? Know about her Relationship Timeline and Children; Also, see her Career, Wiki, Bio, and Net Worth

The Tigress lost the contest but won our heart. Venus Williams lost 7-5, 6-0 to Spanish Tennis player, Garbiñe Muguruza.

And the irony is, Venus's sister, Serena Williams defeated Garbine in this same ring. But don't feel sad for her as Venus herself stated that she will bounce back from the bitter defeat.

We do hope her boyfriend helps her overcome this huge crisis. What!..You didn't know about her boyfriend.

Well, fret not as you came to the right place as today in this section we will be covering her secret personal life.

Venus Williams-Lost but Won

First of all, we feel so sad to hear about her defeat in the London Wimbledon Finals at the hands of Garbine. But don't feel sad for her as the 37-years-old Veteran Tennis star is hell bent on winning a big tournament.

Venus tasted defeat from the hands of Spaniard, Garbine Muguruza, Source: Telegraph

In the post match interview, Venus stated, 

"I've been in a position this year to contend for big titles. It's just about getting over the line. I believe I can."

It's no surprise to hear this from the legendary tennis star and despite suffering a dry season for eight years straight. Many people are debating how she succumbed the title to the Spaniard in the second round.

But people need to realize that Venus was carrying a big burden in her brain.

Venus cried during the Pre-Wimbledon conference after she revealed about the car accident, Source: ABC

Twelve days ago, during a press conference event, she revealed that she was involved in a car accident in which a young boy died. She broke down in tears during the press conference. 

Venus Williams-Dating An Ex-Model

Venus is not alone during this time as her family and fans are with her. And on top of that, her boyfriend, Elio Pis, is taking care of her during the difficult time.


Venus went on a dinner date with her ex Elio Pis which lead to the speculation that they rekindled their relationship, Source: Daily Mail

The pair who dated in 2013, broke up the same year due to some problems in their relationship. But according to many reliable sources, earlier this year, Venus and Elip were on a hot dinner date at the Miami Open.

Now many tabloids are claiming, the Tennis is most probably single. In an interview after her breakup with the Cuban model, she divulged, 

“I really can’t plan on who I might meet, date or wed. Now when I think about marriage, it’s about Serena’s”

Looks like the star is currently covering her personal life with professional life and we can see why.

She previously dated golfer, Hank Kuehne in 2007. He used to watch many of Venus's match as a spectator from the stand. They got separated in 2011.

Quick Facts about Venus Williams

  • Born on June 17, 1980, in Lynwood, California, U.S.
  • Daughter of Richard Williams and Oracene Price.
  • She began to show interest in Tennis at the tender age of 7.
  • It was at that time when Tony Chesta spotted Venus and saw a good potential in her.
  • Moved to West Palm Beach, Florida at the age of 19 in order to train under Rick Macci.
  • She made her professional debut in 1994.
  • She won her first Grand Slam in 1998.
  • She started winning multiple trophies for the next few years.
  • During the year, 2000, the Venus dominated the Women Tennis.
  • She achieved number 1 rank in 2002 and won 4 consecutive grand slams.
  • Her net worth is around 75 million dollars.

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