Home Article Steve Wright is still not Married after Divorcing Wife in 1999: Is he Dating? Know his Affairs and Career

Steve Wright is still not Married after Divorcing Wife in 1999: Is he Dating? Know his Affairs and Career

Updated On 26 Feb, 2024 Published On 27 Jul, 2017
Steve Wright is still not Married after Divorcing Wife in 1999: Is he Dating? Know his Affairs and Career

Imagine this. You're driving and you tune on BBC radio and hear an endearing yet lively voice of someone who is dedicating romantic songs for all of us. It would make everyone's day, wouldn't it?

Steve Wright is a popular radio host who is famous for his afternoon podcast, Steve Wright in the Afternoon and Morning Show, and Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs.

The 64-year-old host was once happily married to his estranged wife Cyndi Robinson, but the pair couldn't make it till the end. And now, after almost sixteen years of divorce, the talented host still seems to enjoy his singlehood. 

Or is he already married or dating someone secretly? Let's find out.

Steve Wright still not Married after Divorcing Wife in 1999: Is he Dating someone?

When you listen to his afternoon and morning shows on the radio, you will think that Steve is an outspoken and cool guy but he's the opposite too.

He hardly appears in front of the media and paparazzi and doesn't share much about his private life. He remains an enigma to all of us.

Steve Wright now (L) and then(R).
Source: Express

When he's off the air, he enjoys being alone, not caring about anyone, and eating Chinese. Also, he doesn't settle down at one particular place for a long time as he's always traveling like a nomad.

One of his colleagues stated that he once bumped into Steve at London's Paddington station and asked him where he was going. Steve told him that he was going to New York.

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The friend asked him where his luggage was and Steve showed him his passport telling him that was his luggage!

Steve Wright was spotted taking a stroll in the streets of London.
Source: DailyMail

To add more, Since the divorce with his wife, Cyndi, Steve has not been spotted with any of his mysterious girlfriends and there are no rumors of him getting married or dating someone.

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Perhaps, for someone who travels a lot and is a loner, it's quite difficult to stay in a stable relationship with someone so, we speculate that he's still single.

Steve Wright Married Cyndi Robinson a long time ago! The Marriage ended in divorce

Steve was married to his lovely wife Cyndi back in the 1980s. The pair were happily married for 12 long years until in 1997, the once happy couple started living separately.

He met his future wife Cyndi in 1969 and was a "hormone-happy" 19-year-old. Immediately after the first meet, he made up his mind that he truly met the "girl of his dreams".

He recalled,

"So, when we were married in 1972 I was about as prepared for marriage as I was to wrestle alligators. The irony is that about two years into our marriage I would have gladly wrestled alligators if it would have meant an end to the constant conflict between Cindy and me."

The ex-couple was so much like a pair made in heaven but no one ever expected that they would end their relationship so soon!

Steve Wright with his former wife Cindi.
Source: Pinterest

After two years of separation, the couple finally filed for divorce which was finalized in 1999.

The estranged pair share two children both sons, Tom, 27, and Lucy, 20, who were raised by Cindi herself taking sole custody of the children.

Who is Steve Wright Married to Now?

After his divorce from his wife Cyndi, he lived a secretive personal life. He is believed to be single as there are no rumors of his relationship in the public.

Steve Wright Has Died in 2024

Steve Wright, the beloved BBC Radio 2 presenter famous for his iconic afternoon show and extensive career, passed away on February 12, 2024, at the age of 69. His family announced his death, sparking deep sadness among fans and colleagues.

Mark Wells, his colleague, revealed in a podcast that Wright underwent heart surgery approximately 14 or 15 months prior to his death.

Quick Facts about Steve Wright

  • Born and raised in Greenwich, London, Steve Wright is a famous English broadcaster and radio journalist.
  • Has two elder brothers, born to his father, Richard Wright, who worked as a tailor.
  • Attended Eastwood High School and started working for a Radio station when he was just a student.
  • Joined Thames Valley Radio 210 in Reading in 1976 and started broadcasting.
  • Became popular and got the chance to work for BBC Radio 1 in 1980.
  • Now, runs his own shows, Steve Wright in The Afternoon and Sunday Morning Show.
  • Introduced a creative and "Zoo" format in the morning shows.
  • He earns nearly $578,000 annually and has an estimated net worth of about $6 million.

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