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Benny Safdie Reveals the Safdie Brothers Have Split Up

Updated On 05 Jan, 2024 Published On 05 Jan, 2024
Benny Safdie Reveals the Safdie Brothers Have Split Up

Benny Safdie, known for films like 'Uncut Gems' and 'Good Time,' shared that he and his brother, Josh Safdie, who've been making movies together since their teenage years, are taking a break. Benny mentioned it's not because of any issues but a natural shift in their artistic interests. They still talk daily and support each other's projects. The Safdie brothers, known for their distinctive style, have left a mark on the film industry and haven't ruled out the chance of collaborating again in the future.

Benny Safdie on His Solo Path After Splitting with His Brother

Benny Safdie, part of the famous Safdie brothers' directing team, shared that he and his brother Josh Safdie are taking a break from working together for now. The duo, known for intense films like Uncut Gems and Good Time, has chosen to explore different projects and interests individually.

Benny Safdie is an American film director and screenwriter.  

In a talk with Variety, Benny clarified that the decision to part ways with his brother Josh wasn't because of any issues or differences. Instead, it was a natural change in their artistic ideas. Benny expressed, "It just felt like, OK, there are things I want to try that don’t quite match up with Josh right now. And I want that freedom in my life at the moment."

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The Actor Talks About His New Projects & His Brother’s Netflix Movie

Benny Safdie, known for his roles in Safdie brothers' movies like Good Time and Daddy Longlegs, has been getting more acting opportunities lately. He's been in films by well-known directors like Paul Thomas AndersonChristopher Nolan, Claire Denis, and Kelly Fremon Craig

Benny is also part of the upcoming Showtime series The Curse, which he co-created and co-stars in, along with Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder.

The Safdie Brothers Discuss Their Film as a "Heist Movie On Acid."

At the same time, Josh Safdie is working on a new movie for Netflix. It features stars like Adam Sandler, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Megan Thee Stallion, and they're in talks with Ben Affleck to join the cast. The Safdie brothers are both writing and producing the film.

It's centered around sports memorabilia, and Affleck is being considered for the role of a former athlete. This project will be the second time Josh Safdie collaborates with Sandler, the first being the successful Uncut Gems.

The Safdie Brothers Left a Mark on The Film Industry 

The Safdie brothers, who began creating movies when they were teenagers, are known for their unique and engaging way of making films. They use handheld cameras, quick editing, lively music, and authentic acting, creating a distinctive style. 

Their movies tackle subjects like addiction, crime, family, and survival, often set in the less-explored parts of New York City.

Joshua and Benjamin Safdie were awarded Best Directors at the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards. 

They hit big with Good Time in 2017, a thriller with Robert Pattinson playing a bank robber trying to free his brother from jail. The movie got great reviews and won awards, including the Prix du Jury at the Cannes Film Festival. 

Their next film, Uncut Gems, a 2019 drama featuring Adam Sandler as a jeweler with a gambling problem, was even more successful. It made over $50 million and won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Director. Sandler got his best reviews ever, and he even got a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor.

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The Safdie Brothers Might Collaborate Again in the Future

Even though the Safdie brothers are currently working separately, they haven't ruled out teaming up again in the future. Benny mentioned that he and Josh still chat daily, exchange ideas, and support each other's projects. He expressed pride in their joint achievements and looks forward to seeing what they can accomplish individually.

“We’ve done so much together, and we’ve grown so much together, and we’ve learned so much together,” he said. “And I think that’s something that we’ll always have, and we’ll always cherish. And who knows what the future holds?”

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