Home Article August Alsina, 24 reveals his Liver Disease. His family was never with him. Find out why here

August Alsina, 24 reveals his Liver Disease. His family was never with him. Find out why here

Updated On 08 Jun, 2017 Published On 08 Jun, 2017
 August Alsina, 24 reveals his Liver Disease. His family was never with him. Find out why here

American musician August Alsina is going on a bad time of his life as he is struggling with a severe liver disease. His family is there as a full support for the guy.

American recording artist August Anthony Alsina is struggling with his life again with a severe liver disease. He revealed his present condition in an interview with friend Jada Pinkett-Smith and also shared the news via Instagram. 

Besides that, he went through a major surgery of eyes in the year 2014 that caused him to lose sight. On the other hand, his family was never his side. 

August has great fan followers and they are in fact very curious about his health and personal affairs. So, let us find out about our favorite musician.         

American Musician August Alsina Revealed His Liver Disease via Instagram

August in a recent interview with friend Jada disclosed his severe condition of liver disease and later he posted the video via Instagram. He said,

"I have a liver disease where my autoimmune system is fighting against itself.The reality of it is, I’m sick all the time. I don’t really like to talk about it because I’m not looking for anybody’s sympathy. Don’t treat me like I’m a fucking cancer patient, ’cause I’m not."

August Alsina, Source: Spin

The singer didn't mention the facts about his illness he had been diagnosed with but it seems severe one as the caption claimed 'sicker than ever'. 

The video had a heart rendering caption about his heath issues.

The news gave a great shock to his fans and media which is not a new topic as he faced similar chronic health problem in the year 2014.

He was suffered from an autoimmune disease which was found on him afetr he collapsed during a stage performance. 

He was in a coma for three days and also went through a serious eye surgery that resulted him to lose his eyesight.

Despite his health, August has maintained himself determined in his profession as he admitted to get back in the show in 17th July for Don't Matter Tour.

August Alsina; his Family was no support to him

August in course of promoting 'The Breakfast Club' revealed of having some suicidal thoughts and was facing major depression. It is often said that his room was painted 'Black'.

He said that once Chris Brown gave him the suggestion to take therapy and more for positive vibes. 

Once in past, his female cousin popped up a text accusing him of killing his elder brother. On the very context, August thoroughly refused the claims.  

When one questions him about his family, he often answers that he has no family. He himself is his family and furthermore, his nieces are his family. 


The only family of August Alsina; three little nieces, Soure: Success Stories

He is grateful to his mother for a couple of things; for bringing him into existence and to raise him up. He explained,

"My mom is my mom. I don’t expect people to really understand the situation with my mom and her kids. Sometimes we go years, months without talking to her. I applaud my mom for doing all that she has done for us as a parent, but I think that sometimes the mother side gets pushed to the side. I just imagine me having a kid and my kid being an artist and in a song, my child sings ‘I try to buy my mama love she doesn't appreciate me.'

He confessed that he didn't have his mother with him and his father's dead with whom he could share his problems and get relief of all sorts of problems.

August with his elder brother, Source: Pinterest

He had so many surgeries and was in the peak point to lose vision but his mother didn't take a dam and such circumstances often made him depressed and dragged him to suicidal thoughts.

Here is an interview of August Alsina opening up about his family drama, battle and depression on The Angie Martinez Show: 

His father died at an early age due to drug addiction and his mother shifted to Houston with him with an aim to give him a better life. His relationship with his mother turned sour as his mother had different plans for his life.

He was taken care by his elder brother Melvin La Branch III as he was away from his mother having a different opinion of being a singer. 

After the death of his brother August was living with three cute nieces Amayila, Kayden, and Chaylen. He assumes them as his whole world. 

Dating History of August Alsina

August was dating Mandy Williams in October 2013 but broke up in August 2015.

He was once rumored of having an affair with the American model and actress Analicia Chaves. She was thought to be in a relationship with Alsina in the year 2014 and there is no further information about the couple.

Gorgeous Kayla Philips who once dated August, Source: Whos dated who

Kayla Philips is the next lady who was allegedly encountered with August in the month of August 2014 and Miracle Watts is the last one in the list who stayed in a relationship with the guy for almost a year until May 2016. 

He is speculated to be single these days as there is no any updates known about his dating life. We are heading forward to see the star linked with his soulmate soon in days to come after he gets recovered from his health.

Quick Facts about August Alsina

  • Born on 3 September 1992 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Got an inspiration in the field of music by Lauryn Hill.
  • Uploaded videos via YouTube in the year 2007 at the age of 14 starting with a cover 'Hypothetically' by Lyfe Jennings.
  • As his father was addicted to drugs, he died and August with his mother shifted to Houston, Texas.
  • Initially released his mixtape The Product in April 2012.
  • His solo 'I Luv This Shit' was released in January 2013; followed by The Product 2 in May 2013.
  • Some of his hits are Downtown: Life Under the Sun, Hell on Earth, Make It Home and Testimony.
  • His second studio album This Thing Called Life released on 11 December 2015; ranked 14th on the Billboard 200.
  • The very album was supported by Hip Hop, Why I Do It (featuring Lil Wayne), Song Cry, Been Around the World (featuring Chris Brown) and Dreamer.
  • Won the Best New Artist award in 2014 and Coca-Cola Viewers' Choice Award for 'I Luv This Shit'.
  • Has a net worth of about $4 million as of 2017.

Well, all in all, we wish to see August soon recover from his ill health and get back to his work soon in days to come.

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