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28 Years American Personality Rachel Demita's Affairs And Dating Rumors; Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Updated On 19 Jan, 2020 Published On 22 Aug, 2018
28 Years American Personality Rachel Demita's Affairs And Dating Rumors; Does She Have A Boyfriend?

In this day and age of social media, we often see relationships becoming official or breaking up through these platforms. Rachel DeMita certainly knows a thing or two about this as she used her Instagram account to confirm her rumored affair with an NBA star.

The gorgeous DeMita gained fame thanks to her social media presence which eventually led to her ending up with her current boyfriend.

Who Is Rachel DeMita Dating?

Rachael Denita is in a romantic relationship with Oklahoma City Thunder guard Andre Roberson. It was confirmed through Instagram which is quite common today.

On 10 August 2019, DeMita uploaded a video with her beau to let their fans know how well does her boyfriend know Rachel. The 29-year-old blonde beauty and her lover rarely misses flaunting their chemistry on PDA, special events.

Rachel DeMita with her boyfriend Andre Robertson.
Source: Celebrity Disclose

Rachel and her partner are soon planning to get engaged to walk down the aisle. At present, it seems like the duo is in a live-in together relationship. They don't have any children yet but refers their cat as a baby.

On 26th June 2018, The Sports Quotient captured this image from DeMita's Instagram story. It featured numerous heart emojis floating around the couple.

The couple was rumored to be dating ever since 13th June 2018 when Roberson was tagged by DeMita on Instagram in one of her posts.

Meanwhile, DeMita has seen a meteoric rise to national fame thanks to her appearances on the Association's top video game NBA 2KTV and at Celebrity All-Star Games. She has over a million followers on Instagram.

Before the couple made it official, the duo got really cozy a couple of months prior. The Insta move was long-awaited and overdue in all honesty.



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On 28th June the couple was seen together at the NBA Awards. Rachel took to Instagram to share the delightful moment with the world. Prior to that, DeMita and her darling were rumored to be dating ever since she tagged Andre Roberson's Instagram handle in a post on 13 June 2019. They were first photographed together on 28 October 2018.


NBA Awards 

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The couple seems to love expressing their affection for each other in their respective social media accounts.

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DeMita and her boyfriend Adre celebrated Valentine's Day 2019 in a wonderful manner as one accompanied the other to the fullest.

Rachel DeMita's Relationship with Kevin Durant

NBA star Kevin Durant was rumored to be dating Rachel DeMita. Unconfirmed reports suggested the two shared a thing because of their obvious chemistry.

Rachel DeMita and Kevin Durant.
Source: 6yes

The pair was spotted together quite frequently. One of the most notable occasions was during Durant's birthday party in New York.

Both Rachel and Kevin carry a passionate interest in the video game NBA 2K18. The duo looked really good together playing the video game in the first episode of NBA 2KTV.

Rachel DeMita's Rise To Fame

Rachel DeMita is the host of NBA 2KTV and a co-host of a high school basketball Twitter live stream called The Debut. It tends to bring in millions of viewers per game. Moreover, she is also an Adidas ambassador.

Furthermore, DeMita travels across the country interviewing major NBA Stars such as Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving. However, Rachel initially dreamt of being someone else.

NBA 2KTV host Rachel DeMita.

DeMita actually wanted to become a pro basketball player. She said:

"I played basketball my whole life… But, I actually didn’t finish out college playing basketball; It just wasn’t for me."

She continued:

"After I quit, I took a few years off of basketball and then slowly started getting back into it."

DeMita added it was heartbreak in a sense because she was leaving the game that had done so much for her throughout life. Then a few years later Rachel began getting back into the game and she learned to do it in a different way.

Since she could no longer become a player, DeMita learned to love the game from a different angle. Subsequently, Rachel began working with a lot of brands as well as running her own personal Youtube channel.

After achieving remarkable success through her online presence, DeMita received her big break as 2KTV came calling. She said:

"They actually found me from the videos on my channel and reached out. I was actually the first person hired for the show; Then we kind of built the team from there."

She continued:

"So, I was kind of there from the jump on the drawing board because it was the first time they ever did a TV show. It was the first ever TV show in a video game which I think is amazing."

DeMita is a face of 2KTV and she regularly interviews top NBA stars. Moreover, she does occasional fun activities for the show taking those stars out of their comfort zones.

Rachel DeMita: Quick Facts

Source: Nbafamily Wiki - Fandom

  • Born on 14th June 1990 in Ohio.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • Her parents are Jack DeMita and Shannon DeMita.
  • She is the only child of her parents.
  • She went to Wadsworth High School.
  • She attended Dominion University in 2008.
  • She was an All-American basketball player earning a full-ride division 1 scholarship to Dominion.
  • She graduated from the American University majoring in journalism and performing arts.
  • She gained stardom after hosting and producing the first-ever TV show broadcast through a video game which is named NBA 2KTV.
  • She posts lifestyle videos in her social media accounts and personal youtube channel.
  • She began her career on Youtube through fashion/video vlogging.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $500,000.

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