When it comes to relationships, there are usually two types of people. Those who move on pretty quickly from a break up with a new partner, and the others who struggle to do so. Alexa Davalos certainly falls in the latter category. She dated a fellow actor long while back, but has she since found someone who managed to steal her heart again?

Is Alexa Davalos currently single or is she finally in a relationship after a long break? If you're curious to know the details of the dating affairs of this gorgeous actress, you couldn't arrive at a better place. Let's find out.

Is Alexa Davalos Currently In A Relationship?

Although this gorgeous actress has a lot of admirers and a lot of men dreaming to be her life partner, she appears to be single. There are no reports of her relationship endeavors for almost a decade.

Davolas tends to be secretive about her personal life and rarely ever lets information about her private life reach the public. When asked by media, she often deflects the question or avoids it altogether. Moreover, her social media gives no such hints on her dating affairs.

Alexa Davalos as Andromeda in Clash of The Titans (2010)
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The last time Alexa was in a relationship was in fact 2008. Since then, there are no concrete reports on her dating efforts. Most likely, she chose to remain single for this long. Perhaps she was hit hard by the ending of her last relationship, she is scared to commit again.

We are not aware of the exact reason behind her preference to not date for this long. However, her fans are definitely hoping to see this stunning actress in an adorable relationship once again.

Alexa Davalos's Past Affairs

Alexa Davolos is not known to be a relationship expert. She reportedly dated only one person in the past named Josh Lucas. Their relationship began in 2006 and went on till 2008. There are very little reports on how the couple got together and why they eventually parted ways.

However, based on Josh's dating history it comes as no surprise the couple broke up. You could almost run out of fingers while counting the number of women the actor has had relationships with. Interestingly, Alexa appears to be the longest he dated. Usually, it's just a few months with him before he moves on to the next one.

Alexa Davalos with her former boyfriend Josh Lucas
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You can likely guess the actor is at fault for the relationship ending since it seems to be a recurring occurrence with him with almost every woman. In fact, Lucas divorced even his wife, Jessica Henriquez, after merely two years, with whom he shares a child.

Although it's difficult to conclude the reason for the split between Davalos and Lucas, most signs point towards Josh's habit of getting bored with the same woman. It feels like his partners eventually find it difficult to put up with him. This could be a potential reason the pair parted ways.

Moreover, Alexa's former boyfriend is not someone who sticks around for over a year, so their relationship of two years feels like a long time where they must have tried their best to make it work, to no avail. Sometimes, things are destined to be broken no matter how much you try to fix it.

Alexa Davalos: Quick Facts

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  • She was born on 28th May 1982 in Paris, France.
  • Her both name is Alexa Davalos Dunas.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • She is of American nationality.
  • She belongs to Ashkenazi, Jewish, Spanish and Finnish ancestry.
  • Her height is 5'7 (1.70m).
  • Her weight is 55 kg.
  • Her parents are Elyssa Davalos (actress) and Jeff Dunas (photographer).
  • She has no siblings.
  • Her parents divorced while she was an eight-year-old child.
  • Her maternal grandfather was an actor named Richard Davalos.
  • She spent most of her childhood in France and Italy.
  • She moved to New York when she was to pursue a modeling career.
  • She went to Hebrew school.
  • She enrolled in Off-Broadway Flea Theatre.
  • She went as a bridesmaid at Amanda Righetti's wedding
  • She starred alongside Antonio Banderas in the movie 'And Starring Pancho Villa As Himself'.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $4 million.