Serena Altschul, best known as a broadcaster in MTV and CBS is a versatile woman who stepped from reporting to acting. Many of her fans are dying to know about who the reporter is dating.

Posting a picture of a guy with a child made her fans even more confused about her love life. Who is the guy in the picture? Scroll down to find out!

Broadcaster Serena Altschul Has A Child. Unknown Father?

Serena Altschul shares a child with actor Cooper Cox.

Yes, the 47-years-old American broadcaster revealed on her Instagram in 2016 that she parents a child with Cooper Cox.

 Serena Altschul

 Serena with her partner and their child
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She first posted a picture of Cooper holding some mushrooms in 2012 hinting she was linked to someone but her fans were still confused about the fact she was dating him.


We grabbed 15lbs

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Good news revealed when she posted a picture of herself and Cooper holding a baby in 2016 captioning, "My beautiful babies", left everyone surprised. This made sure that the duo shares a child.


My beautiful babies

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So far, the family of three is living a blissful life. However, the couple is yet to reveal if they are married. 

Serena Altschul Career

Serena first worked at Channel One News for two years as a broadcaster after graduating. By 1996 she joined MTV News where she hosted some shows and produced True Life as well.

 Serena Altschul

Selena while working on MTV News back in days
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She worked for CNN for a year in 2002. The following year she became a CBS News contributing correspondent and as of 2018, she appears on CBS Sunday Morning.

Not only a news broadcaster, she herself has appeared in films Queen of the Damned and Josie and the Pussycats

Quick Facts: Serena Altschul

 Serena Altschul

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  • Born on October 13, 1970, in New York City.
  • Attended Scripps College.
  • Her parents are Siri Von Reis and Arthur Altschul.
  • She has two brothers Stephen Altschul and Whitney Sydler-Smith.
  • She stands at the height of 5 ft 7 inches and weighs about 57 kgs.
  • Her birth sign is Libra.