The second season of the hit TV series Riverdale is coming sooner than we all expected and what's new, the Kevin Keller, played by Casey Cott, will be getting a new storyline, including new love affairs. 

He plays an openly gay character in the show which leads to speculation that he is gay in real life as well. His low-profile dating lifestyle may have contributes towards the rumor regarding his sexual orientation.

Let's see if he is really gay or dating someone right now or not interested in a relationship at all. 

Casey Cott-Gay or Not

His role in the series helped him become recognized all over the world. The best part about his role is that even though he plays a gay character, his role isn't limited to act like a gay man.

Casey was once speculated to be gay due to his role in the series, Riverdale, Source: TV Line

In fact, his character is dense and his sexual orientation doesn't define how he enacts in the series. If you're a new viewer of the show, then you shouldn't expect a typical gay man as you'll be very surprised to see him in action.


First of all, let's talk about his sexual orientation. The actor is reportedly slammed as gay, due to his character in the show. We know due to his unreal acting, anyone can say he is gay in real life as well. 

But in reality is far more different than this, and the man is actually not gay as he is very well interested in females. 


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As for you female fans, you may also feel sad after you hear about his current relationship status.

Casey Cott-Dating In Low Profile

Now, this is only speculation okay guys, so don't jump to conclusions as soon as you hear it. According to our research, he is currently dating Stephanie Styles.

Casey is currently dating Stephanie Styles, The pair attending a Broadway show, Source: Zimbio

The pair is dating for a long time and it according to their current relationship, it looks like the duo knew about each other since their early childhood.

The way she looks at him shows how much they love one another.


So much fun with this gal @broadway_style party tonight! She is KILLING it.

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They're usually sharing their pictures on Instagram without any specific captions. It seems he doesn't want to disclose his relationship bluntly but subtly.

Remember we said earlier, don't jump to conclusions upon reading it. Currently, the duo hasn't said anything so for now, let's just say they are dating but not officially. Aww...You poor girls.

Quick facts about Casey Cott


  • Born on August 8, 1992 (age 25), in the United States of America.
  • His mother and father raised him in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.
  • He attended the Boston University.
  • He then transferred to Carnegie Mellon School of Drama.
  • He has two siblings Carly Cott and actor Corey Cott.
  • In 2012, he featured in the movie Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.
  • During the time, he also starred in several college dramas.
  • In 2016, he was cast in the series, Riverdale.
  • He also featured in Sabrina Carpenter's music video.

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