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Albert Chang Relationship Status; Is He Still Dating Lilypichu?

Updated On 04 Mar, 2020 Published On 04 Mar, 2020
Albert Chang Relationship Status; Is He Still Dating Lilypichu?

These days everything a celebrity does is a matter of curiosity for fans. If controversies and breakups are surrounding the celeb's life, it adds even more interest among the people. Not long ago, talented violinist, videographer, and YouTuber Albert Chang's relationship attracted wide attention among the social media community after his flirty relationship with a Twitch streamer became public.

Is YouTuber Albert Chang Still with Lilypichu?

Many are wondering the question, Is Albert Chang still with Lilypichu? Not long ago, the two seemed to get along incredibly well, and their relationship looked like it will continue for a long time. Unfortunately, it could not be so as they are no longer together.   

Albert Chang and his former girlfriend, Lilypichu. SOURCE: Albert Chang's Instagram (sleightlymusical)

If you don't know who Lilypichu is, she is a popular video game streamer and YouTuber. Both of them often appeared on each other's YouTube. The duo's first chemistry came to limelight when the couple collaborated for a musical performance at a wedding.  After that, they became closer and began dating, which they revealed sometime later.  

Found Cheating on His Girlfriend! 

The seemingly happy YouTube stars' love came to an end in November 2019 when Albert Chang's faithfulness towards the relationship came under question after he was found cheating on his partner with Twitch streamer Sarah Lee.

The affair came to light after Sarah accidentally shared a flirty Google Doc between her and Chang. Earlier in October 2019, Sarah and Chang collaborated for a couple of songs on YouTube.

Check out the clip of Albert Chang and Sarah Lee collaborating on a song!

After fans and Lily's friends learned about the incident, the result did not go well for the 28-year-old. One of Lilypichu's friends YouTuber Pokimane wrote on Twitter: 

"It's insane how the best of people can turn out to be massive snakes."

Fans alongside Offline.TV streamer Fedmyster also had their say on Albert's unforgivable conduct. After a great deal of turmoil, Lily finally made a statement where she officially announced she is no longer with Albert. In the link shared, posted on her Twitter, Lilypichu wrote that she is heartbroken and wanted to take some time off from streaming. 

On November 12, 2019, the talented content creator also wrote a statement for fans and his ex-partner, where he admitted for making the worst decision of his life and apologized to the fans, communities, and Lily. 

Sarah Lee also apologized for her "selfish and senseless actions" and causing all the hurt and pain to Lilypichy and her friends. 

What is Albert Chang's Current Relationship Status? 

Since his break-up with Lilypichu, the 28-year-old is believed to be single. Furthermore, he has rarely been active on social media, including Instagram and YouTube. It looks like he is taking this time to contemplate all the wrong decisions he made in the past six months.

Lilypichu is dating Michael Reeves at the time being. SOURCE: Lilypichu's Instagram (lilypichu)

Chang's former girlfriend Lilypichy, however, looks to have moved on from the incident. So, does that mean she found someone new? It turns out the 28-year-old is currently in a romance with another YouTuber and American software programmer, Michael Reeves, with whom she committed in love since December 2019.  

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