Home Article American actor and rapper Daveed Diggs is dating actress Jalene Goodwin. Is the couple getting married?

American actor and rapper Daveed Diggs is dating actress Jalene Goodwin. Is the couple getting married?

Updated On 16 Apr, 2017 Published On 16 Apr, 2017
American actor and rapper Daveed Diggs is dating actress Jalene Goodwin. Is the couple getting married?

David Diggs, an award winning rapper and stage actor is dating Jalene Goodwin. The couple is happy together and let's find out more about their relationship history.

Now the third season of the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt got announced and the entry of new cast members have raised so much of excitement and curiosity among the people.  

Among the entry of big actors like Rachel Dratch, Ray Liotta, Andrea Martin, and Maya Rudolph, one name took all eyes from the viewers. The name is none other than Daveed Diggs.

The award winning rapper and actor, always entertain us with something new. He's pretty secretive about his personal life. And he never revealed anything about his girlfriend or dating history.

Is he dating someone? or still no girlfriend? let us find out together. 

Daveed Diggs-Girlfriend            

Well, the actor is already taken and he is in a very healthy relationship as both of them are head over heels for each other.

The Charming Daveed Diggs, Source: The Broadway League

He's dating actor/director Jalene Goodwin. She made a name for herself as the casting director for The Three Canvases and Jane the Virgin.

Jalene Goodwin-Beautiful Director

Jalene is of Caribbean origin and was born in Trinidad. The couple is for sure made for one another and they look adorable together. 

Beautiful Jalene Goodwin, Source: MySpace

Even though Daveed's life is busy all the time, he still tries to take out time for his girlfriend. Both of them attend various red carpet events and award functions as well.

Daveed and Jelene at the 2016 Tony Awards, Source: Ace Show Biz

Talk about being lucky, Jalene feels incredibly blessed as Diggs girlfriend. A picture is worth a thousand words they said, very well said.

Take a look at the caption above and you'll know how much she loves him.

Diggs feels the same way and the 35-years-old actor gets all the support he needs from her. Diggs won the illustrious Grammy and Tony awards in 2016 for Best Musical Theater Album in the musical Hamilton.


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so freaking happy and proud!! So deserving!!!!! He was my favorite before this I promise!

A post shared by Jalene Goodwin (@jalene1313) on


Happy new year ya'll! I wish everyone happiness, safety and success!

A post shared by Jalene Goodwin (@jalene1313) on

Their love story is all over Instagram and it looks so beautiful that it's enviable. They live together in Washington Heights, with their dog, Soccer.

Daveed and his best friend Soccer, Source: NY Times

During weekends the couple usually spends most of their times together and we have also captured them spending quality time on the weekends. 


Daveed and his better half going for a brunch, Source: NY Times

Daveed's now going to face a lot of hectic schedule after getting into the new cast of the TV series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. 

The couple's going strong and maybe in future, marriage is one the cards. If they ever got engaged or marry, be it secret or public we'll let you know, so until next.

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