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TV star Lee Majors Married to Faith Since 2002; How did the couple first meet?

Updated On 05 Dec, 2019 Published On 09 Sep, 2018
TV star Lee Majors Married to Faith Since 2002; How did the couple first meet?

It's not unusual to see Hollywood celebrities marrying several times in their life. However, there comes a point when the majority of them eventually decide to settle with a special lady.

Lee Majors exchanged wedding vows four times in his life. His most recent marriage, though, is the longest he's enjoyed his marital relationship. There appears no doubt the actor bumped into the love of his life better late than never.

Lee Majors' Current Married Life with Faith Majors

Lee Majors is married to his beautiful wife, Faith Majors. The couple tied the knot in November 2002.

The pair first met at a dinner party in Florida hosted by a mutual friend. Lee said he was incredibly shy when he saw her the first time, so he sent his wingman over to ask for her number.

Lee Majors with his wife Faith Majors.
Source: Zimbio

Eventually, Lee and Faith got to know each other and their first date was to the 1995 Super Bowl.

The couple do not share any children yet. In 2012, they moved to Houston from their Beverly Hills home in Los Angeles. Speaking of the change in the sense of style from their previous home to the new one, Lee said:

"We see lots of white, bright colors and feminine dresses here. On a side note, the people here are also so much friendlier - which is nice."

Previously their house had a bit of French touch to it but now it's all about that 'Western Elegance,' 'rustic sophistication,' and 'cowboy chic.'

The pair loves to travel together on vacation. In a 2012 interview, Faith revealed they went to Newport Beach, California. At the time they were also planning to travel to Italy and the Dalmatian coast in July, as well as Pebble Beach, and Laguna Beach in August. 

His wife, Faith, is quite into traveling and doing adrenaline-fueled stuff like bungee or sky diving or scuba divings among many others.

This adorable duo is apparently a cat family, although Faith revealed her husband trained their cats, Bella and Buddy, to act like dogs.

There have never been rumors nor reports of any conflict between the pair, So, it's safe to assume they're living a blissful married life.

Lee Majors' Past Marriages

Lee Majors married his first wife named Kathy Robinson in 1961, while he was still in Eastern Kentucky. A year later the couple welcomed their son named Lee Majors Jr.

Lee Majors with his first wife Kathy Robinson during their wedding.
Source: Pinterest

As this duo moved to Los Angeles, their marriage seemingly going well began to encounter problems. Subsequently, the couple got divorced in 1964 and soon after his ex-wife and son went back to Kentucky.

Majors married for the second time in 1973. He tied the knot to the late Farrah Fawcett. They were one of the most renowned couples in Hollywood. However, they separated merely five years later in 1979 while the divorce was finalized in 1982.

Lee Majors with his second wife Farrah Fawcett.
Source: Tabloid Baby

Majors' third marriage was to former Playboy model named Karen Velez. They tied the knot in 1998 and shared three children together; a daughter, Nikki Loren Majors, and twin sons Dane Luke Majors and Trey Kelley Majors. They called it quits in 1994.

Majors' Second Wife Passed Away In 2009 

Farrah Fawcett tragically passed away on 25th June 2009 due to cancer at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Lee Majors and Farrah Fawcett.
Source: NY Daily News

In 2013, Majors talked to Fox News about his deceased ex-wife. He claimed they were like the Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston of their day.

Lee said:

"It was quite the extreme. It was probably like Brad and Jennifer when they were together. The press was all over us and of course, she was doing a show also which was pretty popular."

He continued:

"Naturally we really couldn’t go anywhere. Back then you were working so hard you didn’t even realize how popular the show was."

Earlier in 2009, Us Weekly claimed Lee called Farrah before she died. Apparently, they had not talked for over 20 years.

Apparently, they had a 40-minute phone conversation about her life and cancer where they joked as well as, got a little bit emotional.  It was definitely a lovely moment for the former lovebirds.

The source added, the entire thing was good given the current situation for closure since they would have never spoken again. It was believed that Lee always wanted to talk to Farrah again, but he was afraid to initiate the conversation.

Lee Majors: Quick Facts

  • Born on 23rd April 1939 in Wyandotte, Michigan.
  • His birth sign is Taurus.
  • His parents were Carl Yeary and Alice Yeary, both of whom died in separate accidents.
  • He was adopted by an uncle and aunt in Middlesboro, Kentucky.
  • He earned a scholarship to Indiana University where he competed in sports.
  • In 1959, he transferred to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.
  • His college football career was ended after he suffered a severe back injury that paralyzed him for two weeks.
  • He focussed on acting after his injury, performing in plays at the Pioneer Playhouse in Danville, Kentucky.
  • He rejected an offer to play football professionally before finding work at the Los Angeles Park and Recreation Department.
  • He is best known for his role as Colonel Steve Austin in the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, and as Colt Stevens in The Fall Guy.
  • He portrayed the role of Heath Barkley on The Big Valley from 1965-1969.
  • His net worth is estimated to be $15 million.

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