Stunning and glamorous actress Amy Motta is happily married to a husband of seven years Fred Coury for many years now and they are living their life together blissfully. 

There hasn't been a rumor about their splitting up till now or has there been? Or have they been to any extra-marital affairs? Let's get to know about this couple.

Amy Motta; A Blessed And A Happy Wife

Amy Motta has been married to Fred Coury since 2012, and now they have been together for five long years.

Cheers to that! Sources say that there hasn't been a problem regarding their married life until the moment.

With a beautiful smile, Amy Motta
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Exceptional actress Amy who has also been a television personality met Fred Coury in one of Fred's concert. 

Yes, guys! Fred is a popular Lebanese drummer in 'Cinderella' glam metal band. She nor Fred has been to any other relation since they met each other.

They dated for 1 year and soon decided to tie the knot and got engaged.


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Too Good To Be True! Right? They compliment each other so much, and they actually made us believe that there is someone for all of us who is as perfect as they are for each other. 

Amy even mentioned that she got impressed by the way Fred bangs the drums. 

A Short Bio Of Fred Coury

Composer and Cinderella Drummer Fred, New York dude, is also a part-time actor and has performed in 'The Human Race' or 'The Junkyard Willie Movie: Lost in Transit'.

Classic Rock Star, Fred Coury  
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He became involved in the music industry since 1985, and till now he is continuing his musician occupation. 

Fred Coury, performing at the concert
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Fred Coury with the band Cinderella
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As dedicated to his profession, he is devoted to his beloved wife too.

Amy Over The Moon With Fred Coury

The Blood Money, Spread & Tentacle actress Amy got married to Fred on 12th April 2012.  Their wedding reception was conducted at the London West Hollywood Hotel Rooftop.

Wedding ceremony of Amy Motta and Fred Coury

Lovebirds time and again post each other on social media with words and pictures together. 

They are found together often in public places as well spending quality time. 


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Amy has also cast for 'Grey's Anatomy' eleventh episode 'The Bed's Too Big Without You' with the co-stars Ellen Pompeo, Patrick Dempsey, Sara Ramirez, and Katherine Heigel.

Amy And Fred's Family Story

The star couple Amy and Fred are still deep in love with each other. They haven't still decided to have their kid.

Let's hope to have the good news soon about the junior Amy or Fred.


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A movie star, Amy, her charismatic beauty is to be appreciated of and Fred is the lucky guy to have her. Well, they both are!


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We hope for them to get crazy in love for a lifetime and always to cheer us with their love stories.

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