Home Article Beautiful CNN Correspondent Mallika Kapur has a Boyfriend? Or Is She Already Married And Has a Husband? Find out here

Beautiful CNN Correspondent Mallika Kapur has a Boyfriend? Or Is She Already Married And Has a Husband? Find out here

Updated On 28 Jan, 2019 Published On 07 Nov, 2016
Beautiful CNN Correspondent Mallika Kapur has a Boyfriend? Or Is  She Already Married And Has a Husband? Find out here

Mallika Kapur is the popular CNN’s international correspondent based in Hong Kong.

She surely amazed all of us through her amazing reporting skills and has managed to grab the attention of millions of people.

However, today let us find out whether someone has been able to win her heart and has been able to impress her.

Is Mallika Kapur Dating Or Married To Someone?

Apart from the fact that Mallika belongs to a media family, she has always kept her personal life very much private.

Due to her secretive nature, she has made us very difficult to know about her life which is why even if she is dating anyone she has not revealed yet.

Mallika Kapur

According to available resources, the current relationship status of Mallika is single and she does not have a boyfriend.

We know it is pretty difficult for us to believe that the girl as talented and as gorgeous as Mallika cannot be still single but as of now maybe she is.

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Maybe she is still not ready to have a husband and children as we all know that she is a very career-oriented person and is very much dedicated and focused towards work.

Whatever may be the reason we just hope for her happiness and success and also want her to meet her Mr. Right very soon.


Though Kapur's relationship status has been the topic of discussion for a long time, everything is pretty clear at present.

Kapur manages to keep her personal life behind the bars but in January 2013.

She made a Twitter post where she mentioned about her husband. Have a look:

Some sources say that Kapur is living a blissful life with her husband and two children.

Mallika Kapur Professional Career

She started her career as a reporter for CNBC in New York and Singapore. However, her life completely changed when she joined CNN in 2002.

She started working as an anchor on shows from the CNN’s Hong Kong and London bureaus. Today she is one of the most parts of the network’s global business news teams.

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Mallika has covered the markets from Mumbai, London, and Hongkong and has also interviewed several business leaders including Mahindra Group chairman, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, CEO Chandra Kochhar and so on.

She is a very hard-working and talented journalist. When asked about what are the requirements to be a good broadcast journalist she said, “I feel the most important thing is to be able to visualize the story that you are reporting on.”

She further said, “To be successful you have to convince people that you have the hunger to be a journalist.”

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She further elaborated the answer by stating, “When I am researching my stories, I work on how I am going to tell it visually. Along with thinking about the perfect presentation you need to have basic technical knowledge of how to handle the camera, light, and sound.”

Now we know the secret behind the excellence in her work, don’t we?

Wide Range Stories Covered By Mallika Kapur

In her outstanding career, Mallika covered some wide range stories. One of her best stories is when she reported the story of a homeless nine years old with cerebral palsy.

That story went so viral that the boy began to got support from across the nation and he even got admission into a school where children with special needs study and also got home to live in. That is the power of journalism we must say.

Similarly, she also led the documentary named ‘Trapped by Tradition’ which was about the appalling tradition in North Indian villages where young girls were sold into sexual slavery.

That documentary was able to win the prestigious New York Festivals International Film and TV Awards.

Furthermore, she is one of the authors of Changemakers: Twenty Women Transforming Bollywood from Behind the Scenes along with Gayatri Rangachari Shah.

Similarly, she has also covered many powerful stories to aware her audiences and through her outstanding contribution, we can surely say that she is one of the best journalists that we have today.

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