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Shocking Facts Of Caroline Giuliani - Daughter Of Donna Hanover & Rudy Giuliani

Updated On 02 Nov, 2020 Published On 02 Nov, 2020
Shocking Facts Of Caroline Giuliani - Daughter Of Donna Hanover & Rudy Giuliani

What are the odds that the apples could fall far from the same tree? We don't know the answer but meet Caroline Giuliani who is a liberal even though she belongs to a famous family of Conservatives and Republicans.

Caroline Giuliani - Liberal Daughter Of Republican Parents

So, allow us to introduce Caroline Giuliani who shares an interesting story of publicly supporting the Democratic party and being a liberal despite belonging to a family of Republicans. Well, she is the daughter of none other than former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani and journalist and actress Donna Hanover.

Caroline Giulian is the daughter of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. SOURCE: Pinterest

Giuliani's father who served as the 107th Mayor from 1994 till 2001 is widely known for his affiliation with the Republican party although he previously was associated with the Democrat before 1974. 

Well, it was in 2008 when Caroline publicly came out as a liberal through Facebook where she joined a group to endorse the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama. Not to mention, she also supported Hillary Clinton at the 2016 presidential election while her mayor father promoted Donald Trump.

Shoplifting Scandal Of Caroline Giuliani

The shocking matter wouldn't have made it headlines everywhere if Caroline Giuliani was a commoner. But, of course, that wouldn't be the case for her when she was arrested on 4th August 2010 in New York for shoplifting at the East 86th Street-based cosmetic store, Sephora.

Caroline Giuliani shoplifted at Sephora. SOURCE: CBS New York

Fortunately, Giuliani was later released after she pleaded guilty and agreed to perform community service for a day. Her case was managed by popular lawyer Michael F. Bachner and later had her criminal records cleared.

Parents Of Caroline Giuliani Are Divorced

The father and mother of Caroline Giuliani are both public figures and have contributed significantly in both of their respective fields. Well, Caroline's parents, Rudy Giuliani and Donna remained married for fifteen years after they tied the knot in a Catholic church in 1984.

Caroline's father, however, was still legally married to his first wife, Regina Peruggi, when he first met Donna in 1982 and only proceeded to file for divorce thereafter. But, the marriage of Rudy and Donna also went downhill by 1999 when the Ransom actress was still serving as the First Lady of New York.

The public only knew about their separation after Rudy's mayor term ended in 2001. Caroline's parents then instantly got divorced in 2002. In addition, Caroline also has an elder brother named Andrew Giuliani.

Caroline Giuliani's Step Parents

Donna Hanover then reconciled romance with her high school sweetheart, Edwin Oster, whom she had been contactless for 20 years. As for Caroline's father, he married his third wife, a nurse by profession, Judith Giuliani.

Caroline Giuliani and her brother Andrew Giuliani with their father, Rudy Giuliani. SOURCE: CBS News

Not to mention, Donna even wrote a book called My Boyfriend's Back: 50 True Stories of Reconnecting with a Long-Lost Love to share her love story. Caroline's mother and now step-father Donna had their small and secret wedding ceremony in 2003.

On the other hand, as for Caroline, she is not married yet nor reported to be in a relationship with a man, as of November 2020. However, Caroline is vocal to share her love life status on social media, alongside her political stances.

Caroline Giuliani Is A Filmmaker

Caroline Giuliani is strongly vocal about politics and has her father, Rudy Giuliani as a politician. But, she hasn't officially joined any political parties, at least not yet. And, it looks like Caroline had a stronger influence of her mother in the showbiz industry.

To get straight to the point, Caroline is in the movie industry and works as a filmmaker, director and screenwriter who has already served as the co-president of the film company, Lionsgate.

The former assistant of producer Jeremy Bell at Gotham Group also worked in projects that include ABC's 666 Park Avenue, Hello Ladies, and Trophy Wife among others. In recent times, Giuliani worked on Netflix's series, Someone Great and Or (Someone) Else.

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