Home Article Cheri Oteri Who Revived Barbara Walters Reportedly Dated Alec Baldwin! Who's Her Partner?

Cheri Oteri Who Revived Barbara Walters Reportedly Dated Alec Baldwin! Who's Her Partner?

Updated On 04 Feb, 2024 Published On 17 Feb, 2020
Cheri Oteri Who Revived Barbara Walters Reportedly Dated Alec Baldwin! Who's Her Partner?

Without one single doubt, we all can agree that Cheri Oteri is like a fine wine that only keeps getting better and greater with time.

And, even in her late fifties, the evergreen Cheri Oteri continues to make the world a better place. But, with a busy career in the entertainment industry, has her career stopped Oteri from finding her true love? Speaking of which, she was once reported to be romantically linked with Alec Baldwin. What?

Did Cheri Oteri & Alec Baldwin Date?

Speaking of Oteri's professional life, the comic hosted one of the longest-running television host shows; Saturday Night Live! for five years from the mid-nineties till 2000. On the other hand, Mr. Baldwin has been a part of the shows too.

Cheri Oteri and Alec Baldwin back in the day. SOURCE: Who Dated Who

As a matter of fact, the fellow comedian and actor hosted the SNL more than fifteen times, to date. Who could forget Baldwin's famous impersonation of President Donald Trump? And, although Oteri and Baldwin never addressed their alleged affair, some sources claim the two met on the set of SNL.

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Also, since strong evidence doesn't exist to prove the relationship between Baldwin and Oteri, the rumors can only be taken with a pinch of salt. Today, Baldwin, the uncle of Hailey Bieber has been married to his second wife, Hilaria Baldwin since 2012.

But, what about the Those Who Can't alum? Is Oteri married too? Did she find any special man in her life?

Cheri Happily In A Relationship? Who's Her Partner?

As of 2023, Cheri Oteri has never been married. But, that doesn't mean the graduate of Archbishop Prendergast High School is alone and lonely. So, yes, the Pennsylvania native is a happily taken woman, to say the least.

Cheri Oteri and her boyfriend Johnny are not married yet. SOURCE: Cheri Oteri Instagram

Oteri is dating her boyfriend who goes by the name Johnny. Her partner who can be sometimes seen alongside the actress at events to support her, however, keeps a low profile. But, Oteri who couldn't be happier with her man who she calls caring and the most amazing boyfriend often showcases Johnny on her social media page.

And, by the looks of it, it seems as if Cheri and her partner don't need marriage validation and put a ring on it to work out their relationship. Good for Cheri and Johnny both. 

Also, not to let it go, Cheri once again killed it when she greatly revived her 20/20 impression of Barbara Walter for CNN's 2020 New Year's Eve alongside Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. Watch the video below where Mr. Cooper goes weak on his knees.

Check out the clip of Cheri Oteri talking on CNN!

We wish nothing but the best for Cheri Oteri.

Update: What's Cheri Oteri's Relationship Status?

Cheri who was supposed to be in love with her partner Johnny seems to be single these days. There have been no updates on her love life and she has not posted anything about her love life suggesting that she has a partner right now. 

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