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Claudia Jessie - A Devout Buddhist Whose Faith Motivated Her Into Acting

Updated On 12 Jan, 2021 Published On 11 Jan, 2021
Claudia Jessie - A Devout Buddhist Whose Faith Motivated Her Into Acting

British actress Claudia Jessie has been involved in the acting industry for almost a decade now. Recently, she gained more publicity for her performance as Eloise Bridgerton on Netflix's highly watched drama, Bridgerton. But, if it wasn't for her faith, she probably wouldn't have turned into acting.

Practicing Buddhism Motivated Claudia Jessie For Acting

English actress Claudia Jessie has her name credited to numerous TV shows. Aside from her passion for acting and talents, her faith played a vital role to become an actor. Well, Claudia Jessie is a Buddhist and takes her religion pretty seriously.

Actress Claudia Jessie grew up Buddhist. SOURCE: Bradford Zone

Now in her early thirties, it's been almost fifteen years since the 31 years old actress was introduced to the religion founded by Siddhartha Gautama almost about 2600 years ago. And, her mother and aunts are what influenced Claudia into the philosophical religion.

In her mid teen, Claudia would attend Buddhist centres with her mother. And, what also highly attracted the Bridgerton actress and her family was a Buddhist chant. FYI, Jessie follows the Nicheren branch of Mahayana Buddhism which was founded in Japan.

The followers of this particular sect Buddhism highly chants the mantra, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and firmly believes there lies some power in it. Claudia even claims she feels better after chanting. She chants and meditate from minutes to hours almost everyday from the time she wakes up to the time before she goes to bed.

Not to mention, the devout Buddhist is also a vegan. And, from giving her courage to do things without anxiety, and give the encouragement to become an actor, Claudia credits Buddhism as the 'backbone & strength of her life.

Claudia Jessie Also Influenced Boyfriend Into Buddhism

Actress Claudia Jessie was influenced into Buddhism by her mother, and, the actress has also influenced many significant people in her life into her faith. And, for instance, one is her beloved boyfriend, Joseph. 

Claudia Jessie alongside co-star Phoebe Dynevor on the set of Bridgerton. SOURCE: Town & Country Magazine

Claudia has been in relationship with her boyfriend for almost five years since 2015. And, less than three months later, Joseph was also captivated by his girlfriend's Buddhist lifestyle. 

As a matter of fact, Joseph, likewise, chants the Buddhist mantra and has been interested to learn more about the religion. The lovebirds live together in London and also often visit Moseley Birmigham where Claudia was born.

Bridgerton actress Claudia Jessie poses for a picture. SOURCE: Civilian Magazine

Claudia, in fact, met her boyfriend in London at a Brum pub and was motivated by her mother to approach him. Not to mention, Jessie and her man also renovated a houseboat to travel back n forth through the canal of London and her hometown.

In the meantime, the WPC 56 actress has no interest to get hitched and have children. Marriage and weddings are definitely not on the couple's mind. Claudia has her interest solely on her career and being happy, as of now

Jessi who was last seen as Eloise Bridgerton on the Netflix' popular show Bridgerton alongside, Phoebe Dynevor, Molly McGlynn, and Luke Newton was abandoned by her father as a child and later developed anxiety from the situation. But, her faith, of course, helped her overcome it.

Unfortunately, fans can not follow Jessie on social media which she despises a lot. Jessie who claims herself to be an introvert was previously on Twitter, but the account was managed and used by her mother.

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