Home Article After Divorcing First Wife Leah Carvey, Comedian Dana Carvey Married Paula Zwagerman

After Divorcing First Wife Leah Carvey, Comedian Dana Carvey Married Paula Zwagerman

Updated On 17 Dec, 2023 Published On 08 Feb, 2017
After Divorcing First Wife Leah Carvey, Comedian Dana Carvey Married Paula Zwagerman

Though Dana Carvey is known for his acting and a great sense of humor that has helped him win the hearts of millions of people around the globe. on a personal level, he has faced some difficult times.

He has worked alongside actors like Louis Ck, Stephen Colbert, Mike Myers, and Steve Carell. Famous for his mimicry of big celebrities, this comedian is one of the greatest of all time. 

From being operated on due to blockage in his arteries to getting divorced from his first wife Leah Carvey, this comedian is a big inspiration for all of us.

Although he has not revealed much information about his first wife, we have dug deep and found out more about his hidden personal life.     

Dana Carvey got divorced from his first wife Leah Carvey

Dana debuted in the American television sitcom One of the Boys in 1982. But before he was a star and when he was struggling it was at that time when he met his love, Leah Carvey

The stand-up comedian and his former spouse Leah Carvey were childhood sweethearts. It looks like she was the one who motivated him to not give up at that time.

Comedian Dana Carvey's first wife was Leah Carvey. Source: NBC News

At that time he struggled with many acting projects and like a loving wife, Leah helped him at that time. They got married in 1979 after living together for many years. 

Soon after marrying, Dana and Leah Carvey faced some rocky paths. Just after marrying his first wife, he met Paula Zwagerman and fell for her which eventually led to his divorce from his then-wife Leah Carvey. 

Dana filed for a divorce and their separation was finalized in 1980. The major reason behind their split is yet to be known. The comedian shared no children with his first wife Leah.

Blocked Artery Operation of Dana

Then in 1997, he was operated on because of a blocked coronary artery and while he was getting operated the doctor operated on the wrong artery and because of that he had to do five more operations in total

Dana Carvey underwent blocked artery surgery, Source: People

As he had to do operations more than five times he sued the medical company and won $7.5 million in compensation.

At that worst time, someone special was taking care of him, someone was there to make him feel complete. But who was she? Read to find out below.

Finding true love once again, happily married to Paula Zwagerman

After suffering a big heartbreak with his wife Leah Carve, it appeared that he desperately needed someone in his life and that is when his second wife Paula Zwagerman entered his life. The couple first met in The Other Cafe in San Francisco, United States.

Dana Carvey is happily married to Paula Zwagerman, Source: Jamie Loft

After meeting they became good friends and throughout his divorce, she stood with him and supported him. After a few years, Dana proposed to her and they got married in 1983 after getting engaged in 1980.

In an interview, he also admitted to having sex in the White House, when he was invited there by George W. Bush senior.

The couple has two children both of whom are sons Dex Carvey and Thomas Carvey and both of them are actors as well as they have appeared in their father's show. He even promotes his son's show on his Twitter account.

Dana Carvey's eldest son, Dex Carvey, tragically passed away at the age of 32 due to an accidental drug overdose on November 15, 2023. Dex is survived by his girlfriend, mother, father, and younger brother. The news was officially confirmed by Dana Carvey and his spouse Paula in a joint statement posted on Instagram on November 16, 2023. A few days later, they expressed gratitude to everyone who offered their condolences during this challenging time.

Making a big comeback to the big screen 

After gaining a lot of fame in the 1990s he moved away from Hollywood with his family for a while, just so that he could take good care of his family.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, he said, “A lot of people move away to raise their kids away from Hollywood, I guess,” 

But even after staying away for a long he is still one of the favorite comedians that everyone likes and he has come back with a new show named Straight White Male, in which he is playing as a straight white male and has introduced new characters like Donald Trump in the skit.

Check out the clip of Dana Carvey on the Jimmy Fallon Show!

Well, all of his fans were desperately waiting for his comeback, and everyone loved to see him making people laugh. 

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