Home Article Know the story behind the successful married life of Dana Perino and husband Peter McMahon: Happy couple: Still no children

Know the story behind the successful married life of Dana Perino and husband Peter McMahon: Happy couple: Still no children

Updated On 22 Jul, 2019 Published On 14 Feb, 2017
Know the story behind the successful married life of Dana Perino and husband Peter McMahon: Happy couple: Still no children

Dana Perino, one of the prominent faces in the American news industry, is the talented and inspiring woman whose career is at a sky-high success at the moment. Dana has achieved immense success in her career that makes her one of the powerful woman personalities in the United States today. 

Most of you might wonder how can someone be so successful and beautiful at the same time and still not have any boyfriends or any significant men in her life. Well, you guys are wrong! Dana Perino is a happily married woman for a very long time, and her love story is quite different than the regular one. To find more, keep on reading.

Know The Story Of The Successful Married Life Of Dana Perino And Husband Peter McMahon

Peter McMahon, who is an established businessman involved in the Medical and Pharmaceutical products marketing and sales, first met the beautiful and talented Perino in 1996.

Dana Perino with her husband Peter McMahon.
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They had their first encounter when both were traveling to England, on air, back in August 1997. Both were love-struck on their first meeting, and eventually, they started dating.

Talking to Yahoo Lifestyle about their first encounter, they recalled and revealed the moment they noticed one another and became inseparable since then.

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McMahon said,

"I was walking down the jetway behind this cute little blonde with her ponytail swinging, and I thought, I hope I sit beside her."

Perino also said,

"Oh, he’s cute, and he’s not wearing a wedding ring, and he has a British accent."

Less than one year after their first meet McMahon got down on one knee and asked to marry him.

The lovely couple on vacation.

Peter was England native, but their love for each other made them move together in America, and after a beautiful relationship of two years, the duo finally tied the knots.

Dana Perino Happily Married To Husband Peter McMahon

The former Assistant to President George W. Bush and White House Press Secretary, Dana has been married to her husband Peter McMahon for almost twenty long years and are still going strong.

Dana Perino with her husband and cute pet dog in a photo shoot.
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The duo tied knots back on 30th September 1998 organizing a private wedding with close friends and families surrounded by.

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Ever since then, the couple has been blessed with perfect married life inspiring all of us to never give up on the ones you love.

Ever since they married in 1998, McMahon has fully supported his lovely wife throughout her professional journey from D.C., to the U.K., to San Diego, and finally back to Capitol Hill.


Happy Birthday Eve to Peter! @jaspervizsla

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Though the couple doesn't have children of their own, they have a lovely pet dog which is not less than their own kid.


Saturday night lights

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Dana often tweets sweet and funny posts about her and husband. How adorable!

Peter McMahon Was Married Twice Before Dana Perino 

When anyone takes the first look at this couple, they can easily see the age difference between the two. Dana is eighteen years younger than Peter, and from the information we received, Peter was married twice before Dana.

Peter McMahon with his pet.

The details of Peter's previous marriages have not been made public yet, but we came to know that he has children from his ex-wives and he's a grandfather too!

Peter K. McMahon currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Shopko Stores Operating Co., LLC.

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Mr. McMahon joined Shopko with a distinguished international retail career that spans more than 30 years. In the past, he worked as a Member of Management Board at Loblaw Companies Limited.

Perino’s estimated net worth according to the 2016 reports is $ 4 million.

Married For 19 Years, Happy Couple: Still No Children

It's quite odd that though the couple has been married for so long, they do not have any kids together.

Perhaps, the couple is still waiting for the right time for that or perhaps, Peter is already happy with his children from a previous marriage.

Although they have no kids, Peter and Dana have an adorable dog together named Jaspar. Jaspar has become like a kid for the couple as they are seen spending a lot of time with him.


Calling all outerwear modeling agencies...??

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Dana's official Instagram page is filled with Jaspar's photos. It seems the couple loves their dog like their own kid. Super cute!


Suitcase face.

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As for now, Perino works as a political commentator for Fox News, while also serving as a co-host of the network's talk show "The Five", and is a book publishing executive at Random House.

Source: Fortune

Dana has also published a book of hers "And the Good News Is: Lessons and Advice from the Bright Side," back in 2015 which has sold a million copies worldwide.

Source: National Review

Here's a video of Dana Perino, talking about Donald Trump, and much more. Enjoy watching! 

Well, this powerful and gorgeous lady is having the best time of her life with a prospering career along with a beautiful family by her side. We wish her best wishes in her future endeavors. 

Dana Perino; Wiki

  • Born in Wyoming and raised in Colorado, Dana Perino is the successful political commentator and author who was the 26th White House Press Secretary serving under President George W. Bush.
  • Went to Ponderosa High School and graduated from Colorado State University in 1993.
  • Earned a degree in Mass Communication and Minors in political science and Spanish.
  • Served as Deputy Press secretary for two years until 2007.
  • Started her career as a reporter working for KCCY-Fm.
  • Worked for Washington DC as a staff assistant for Congressman Scott Mclnnis.
  • Happily married to her husband, Peter McMohan.
  • She's appeared on famous show Jeopardy! alongside Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and David Faber.
  • She earns an annual salary of $172,000.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.     

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