Home Article Does Cara Ricketts From Anne With An E Have A Boyfriend?

Does Cara Ricketts From Anne With An E Have A Boyfriend?

Published On 22 Jan, 2020
Does Cara Ricketts From Anne With An E Have A Boyfriend?

Last time we checked, it seemed as if Cara Ricketts was single. But, it currently seems as if the tables have turned. But, could you even tell in consideration of the fact that Ricketts preferably keeps her personal life close to her vest?

Ricketts, who is on the much greater hype of her acting career, after her highly beloved performance as Mary in the CBC & Netflix's rendition of Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic story series Anne of Green Gables, recently received her first nomination at the ACTRA Toronto Awards in the category of Outstanding Performance.

Cara Ricketts Portrayed Mary In Anne With An E (Spoiler Alert)

With such beautiful performance in the critically acclaimed series co-starring Dalila Bela, Cory Gruter-Andrew, Amybeth McNulty, and Lucas Jade Zumann, that was loved by the thousands of the dramas' viewers, Cara Ricketts is taking all the time to enjoy the success of her much-deserved career.

And, in the tv series, Ricketts portrayed the role of Mary and shared onscreen-romance with co-star Dalmar Abuzeid who performed her lover turned husband, Sebastian.

Cara Ricketts on the set of Anne with an E alongside co-star Dalmar Abuzeid who played Sebastian. SOURCE: CBC

Unfortunately, Ricketts' role in the show was short-lived and had to leave the set earlier than the rest of the character as Mary dies after falling severely ill, soon after the birth of her daughter.

But as we already mentioned, she received such immense and immeasurable love from the fans, especially for her background story and love story with Abuzeid, that it's obvious her journey to Hollywood has only begun.

Their onscreen chemistry was cute, adorable and sweet, to say the least. But, at this point, the fans must be pondering if the brunette beauty also shares anyone special, especially her own Sevastian in real life.

So, is Cara dating anyone in the meantime?

It's no doubt that Cara is in love with her profession. But, as more fame and gain lies ahead of her, Cara is strongly careful to not share much information on her personal life to the public. As a matter of fact, the Canadian actress doesn't even post anything on her personal matter, including her love life on social media.

Cara Ricketts who portrayed Mary in Anne with an E tweeted about her boyfriend. SOURCE: Cara Ricketts Twitter

Ricketts, however, once made tweets on her boyfriend, making it obvious that she has that someone special in her life. The tweets tweeted in the year 2011 and 2012, didn't directly mention Rickett's beau's identity. But, what more proof did it need to make it obvious that Cara isn't single, right?

Cara Ricketts makes tweets about her boyfriend. SOURCE: Cara Ricketts Twitter

And, in one of the tweets, the stunner adorably yet proudly revealed how her boyfriend showed off with her favorite chocolates and added that he is the best. Another tweet, likewise, read how she sought attention from her boyfriend, who was contrarily busy on the phone.

Last but not the least, Cara also quoted a YouTube makeup video suggesting how one shall never let their boyfriend do their makeup. Hopefully, Ricketts will reveal the identity of her man herself soon. And, in the meantime, all we can do is wait.

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