Home Article Does The Professional Chef Claire Saffitz Have A Husband? Know About Her Affairs And Rumors

Does The Professional Chef Claire Saffitz Have A Husband? Know About Her Affairs And Rumors

Updated On 14 Jan, 2020 Published On 23 Jan, 2019
Does The Professional Chef Claire Saffitz Have A Husband? Know About Her Affairs And Rumors

Claire Saffitz is a professional chef and a food critic. She is popular for her own series ‘gourmet makes’ where she recreates classic junk foods(Twinkies, Gusher, Oreos). She also serves as a senior editor at Bon Appetite, a popular food magazine. 

So, to know more about this rising wily executive from the domain of food network tag along with the article in the section below. Furthermore, know what she's up to these days. Know if she's married, dating anyone? 


Claire Saffitz Engaged!

The renowned culinary artist, Claire Saffitz is engaged to her chef boyfriend, Harris Mayer Selinger in December 2019. Although, the reality star hasn't yet revealed the fact in front of the media.

The Bon Appetit fans witnessed a dazzling diamond engagement ring on her finger in an episode "pastry chef attempts to make gourmet pizza rolls" on December 24, 2019. 

Who Is Claire Saffitz's Husband?

The St. Louis, Missouri native hasn't confirmed her relationship status until she's spotted with her husband to be, Harris Mayer-Selinger. 33-year-old female Bon Apetit star is in a romantic relationship with a fellow chef, Harris Mayer Selinger.

Selinger is a professional coof, executive chef, and kitchen manager. In addition, he has been instrumental in opening vibrant restaurant scenes, New York City and Taiwan: L'idiot, 100 acres, Five POints, Creamline and Ronny Brook Milk Bar.

Currently, Claire lives with him in their house located in Upper West Side, New York City. The cupid hasn't announced the wedding date yet but assuming the amazing chemistry between the two they will soon walk down the aisle. 

Claire Saffitz Rumored To Have A Chef Boyfriend?

Unlike her much known about dessert skills, Claire's behind the kitchen life remains a mystery to her viewers to date. Therefore, whether she is in love or is she even interested in relationships is kind of an enigma that no dares to crack open. 

However, much to her frequent collaboration with Test Kitchen's manager Brad Leone, some fans of Claire couldn't help themselves but to eventually link up the chef duo.

Prior to Selinger, Saffitz has once been rumored of having an affair with co-worker Brad Leone, the Test Kitchen's manager. And for a while, many of Claire's viewers were even ready to let themselves with it. 

Claire Saffitz(right) with Bran Leone(left)
SOURCE: Team Works Media

Neither Saffitz nor her alleged Brad Leone reacted on the comment as it was just a hoax. Claire is very much focused on building her culinary art career. Probably, she was looking forward to getting her perfect match. Saffitz is in her 30s and she'll surely update her relationship status in upcoming days.

Yet with no substantiation from either side, this pubic created fling went off sooner than the time it was in the air.

Claire Saffitz on The Recent Edition of The Bon Appetite's Magazine

To start, take Claire Saffitz's series, ‘gourmet makes’ on Youtube. From one episode to the next, millions of viewers tune in to watch Claire experiment Cheetos from scratch(and nearly turn orange along the way); toil for days contriving homemade gushers; pulling sugar with the determination of the rock while keeping the secret to skittles….and, well, you know the rest.

 Claire Saffitz.
SOURCE: Reddit

To say it’s appealing to her followers would be an understatement. But for those on her staff side, as well as for everyone who turns to BA for recipes, Claire will always remain a dessert dilettante.

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Meanwhile every day around at 3 p.m., in coffee o’clock, there is a good chance Claire will be out setting something absolutely fascinating in the test kitchen. One week it could be her moist and savory swirled tahini tea cake(if ever there was a loaf meant for a cup of freshly brewed coffee), the next her gleaming, crispy-yet-fluffy focaccia.

Whatever she seems to be broiling, she is clearly the reason her fans are carrying a few extra pounds these days.

Unlike most of the home cooks, Claire instead takes a practical, nearly manic approach to her craft. She will go through a recipe again and again and then one more time, just for good measure. 

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On a recent interview with Bon appetite, she mentioned about her easy sheet with chocolate-cream cheese frosting. As for saying, this is just a typical from-scratch birthday cake.

But Claire, in turn, bemused her viewers when she coined the term mechanical leaving in this very traditional pastry; the term which follows how certain ingredients are hygroscopic and how gluten comprises ‘glutenin and gliadin’.

Nevertheless, her seemingly unusual approach in confectionary one way or another always manages to spill out  ‘pudding and heaven’ from her fellow show attendee to her staffs alike.

Claire Saffitz’s Career

Claire startup journey in the world of cuisine to many seems rather out of the blue, yet few know that she was in the media from her first batter. Saffitz started it off by first attending Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, in Massachusetts.

Claire Saffitz
SOURCE: Boing Boing

And from the year 2012 to 2013, Claire went on to study classic French cuisine and pastry at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, a culinary and trade school in Paris, France. Claire then followed by an externship at Spring restaurant.

Subsequently, in 2014, Claire completed her Master's degree in History at McGill University, where she pursued culinary History in the Early Modern Era. 

Fast forward to the next half of the 2010s, she now runs her own session of cooking classes. For the time being, Claire is working on her dream project of fermenting crock in the test kitchen of Bon Appetite.

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And if you want to picture her beside the kitchen you can also find Claire arraying of books, which unfolds the fanatic tales of a connoisseur unraveling the landmark cuisines from the Mediterranean to all the way up the great plains of North America. 

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As for the present, Claire is continuing to host the “Gourmet Makes” series for Bon Appetit and is currently working on a cookbook project set to release for Fall 2020.

Claire Saffitz Meme

The Bon Appetit star has now basically become a walking meme cause she's taken on a kind of legendary online presence. Most of the TikTok teens make elaborate video tributes to her. Or even better, People got to sleep watching her videos. 

In a world of popular, top, media-trained YouTube sensations, watching Claire Saffitz undoubtedly break down over minor inconveniences over the pointless toil of making PopTarts from scratch is most needed.

Some interesting facts of Claire Saffitz

SOURCE: Bon Appetite

  • Claire Saffitz was born on September 16, 1986, in the United Staes.
  • Her birth sign is Virgo.
  • Claire Saffitz stands at 5'4" inches in height.
  • She studied at Harvard University and completed graduation in 2009.
  • Later she studied French cuisine and pastry at École Grégoire Ferrandi in Paris.
  • She completed her Master's degree in history at McGill University.
  • Aside from Gourmet Makes Claire is also heavily featured in another series, Back To Back Chef.
  • She has an estimated net worth of about $500,000 as of 2019.

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