As the show Descendant 2 got released earlier this year, it's star are now talk of the town. Especially the handsome Dylan Playfair, as people are very eager to know about his relationship status.

The hunk is an extrovert by nature but not so open when someone asks something related to his personal life or current relationship status.

Let's find out more about his personal life.

Dylan Playfair-Dating Someone Secretly

Dylan is a home boy and loves to spend time with his family. After his work in the series Descendant, he became more prominent face in the Hollywood, but taking time out for his family is no problem.


Dylan Playfair is famous for his role in the series, Descendants 2, Source: Teen Idols

So as he is able to manage a lot of things at once, we're sure he will not have any problem handling a simple dating. And due to his nature of being more open and confidence regarding various things in life, it's obvious he is dating someone.

But wait, it's not what you think it is? He is dating, we admit, but not any girlfriend. He is in a relationship with his family and work. You know what they say, 'Your Work is your God.'


Just a couple buds doin what buds do

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Seems he takes this saying to a whole different level and maybe that's why despite being so handsome and charming he is not dating anyone.


He is single, He is too busy in his career, Source: Merritt Herald

We all know any girl would die for a guy like him so it looks like he chose to be single. Mainly because of his career and partly because he is still in search for the perfect girl.


The boys of summer... Love these fellas #family

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He is too busy traveling around the world with his two brothers and family. One could say, he is a family man but without any children or wife at the house, he is still pretty far from that title.  

Talking about rumors regarding his affairs, many tabloids are claiming that he is dating an aspiring actress Daniella Bozzetto.

The rumor started swirling after the couple shared some rather cozy pictures of themselves with romantic captions.


Why so serious? #halloween2015

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Though, he doesn't share a lot of pictures of his girlfriend on the Instagram so we cannot be so sure if he is dating her or not. 

Quick facts about Dylan Playfair

  • Born on June 19, 1992, in Canada.
  • He is the son of Jim Playfair.
  • He is the oldest of his two brothers.
  • Nephew of Larry Playfair.
  • He used to play Ice Hockey during his time in high school.
  • Taylor Kitsch inspired him to leave hockey and pursue a career in acting.
  • He is not only an actor but a director and producer.

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