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Facts Of Finley Faith Sehorn, Love Child Of Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn

Updated On 28 Dec, 2023 Published On 11 Sep, 2020
Facts Of Finley Faith Sehorn, Love Child Of Angie Harmon & Jason Sehorn

Fame, reputation, and attention were destined for Finley Faith Sehorn for having been born into the family of actress Angie Harmon and her former husband, Jason Sehorn. But, what's like growing for Finely in such a famous family?

16 Years Old Finley Faith Sehorn Is Not On Instagram

The mother of Finley Faith Sehorn aka Angie Harmon is one of the thriving actresses in Hollywood. Harmon who had her fame ignited after her role as Ryan McBride in the mid-nineties hit TV show, Baywatch Nights has, in fact, been running the showbiz world for the past two decades.

Finley Faith Sehorn and her sisters and mother. SOURCE: Instagram

And, with her popularity in Hollywood, her children including Finley Sehorn instantly had all the limelight attention on them. But, with extensive fame comes the danger and risk of privacy invasion, in worst cases, even privacy exploitation.

For the currently sixteen-year-old, most of her life has been surrounded by paparazzi and media. And, that must be the reason, Finley Faith Sehorn's presence isn't currently available online including on Instagram, as of September 2020.

Sehorn's mother, however, is active on Instagram where she often shares adorable pictures of her kids. Likewise, she occasionally appears on her dad's Instagram. In June 2022, her father shared a few pictures and dedicated a post to her graduation day.

Finley Faith Sehorn Is The Eldest Child

After the stunning wedding of actress Angie Harmon and footballer Jason Sehron, the duo welcomed their first child on 14th October 2003. Finley Faith Sehorn is indeed the first and the eldest child of the Harmon and Sehorn.

Finley Faith Sehorn along with her family. SOURCE: Instagram

But, that doesn't mean she is the only daughter of her parents. Finley is a big sister to her younger siblings, both sisters including Emery Hope Sehorn and Avery Grace Sehorn. Emery is currently eleven years old while Avery is fifteen years old.

Finley is also a big sister to future half-siblings of Jathan James Vaughan, Cavan Thomas Vaughan, and Landan Reid Vaughan, the children of actor Greg Vaughan. Vaughan is engaged to Finley's mother and the children of both actors share a close bond.

Finley Faith Sehorn's Parents Remained Married For 13 Years

Though the parents of Finley Faith Sehorn are no longer together, Angie Harmon and Jason Sehorn still maintain a great relationship with their children whom they both share equal custody.

Finley's father and mother married in 2001 the following year of their engagement. But, thirteen years later, the former husband and wife called it quits. Finley's parents are both Republican and vocal about their political ideologies.

Finley along with her siblings reside in California and share their time with both their father and mother.

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